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CAST, a provider of Software Intelligence, announced it has added Tidal Migrations to its Highlight Partner Program. With the partnership, Tidal Migrations has integrated CAST Highlight into its Cloud Migration Management Platform for more comprehensive cloud migration assessment and predictive planning capabilities.

Posted Aug 07, 2018

Everyone has heard the cliché, "every company is a technology company". While we know that's not true, it is true that every company is powered by technology. It used to be that an internet connection and a Microsoft office subscription was good enough for small companies, and for larger companies, same thing but add some servers. Now, though, with the influx of data that needs to be managed, a solid IT infrastructure is more than necessary.

Posted Dec 06, 2017

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From the smallest start-ups to multinational corporations, an increasing number of companies are now using voiceovers to bring credibility, closeness and a human touch to their corporate communication materials. The right human voice is able to reach out and engage culturally diverse audiences in a dialogue. What's more, voiceovers offer countless possibilities for multilingual adaptation of prime content.

Posted Aug 28, 2017

dinCloud announced the availability of a full-service virtual robot. Dubbed "James", the virtual robot runs in the cloud, as a service, and requires no coding or configuration by customers. James will help organizations deliver a better customer experience to employees and customers.

Posted Jul 18, 2017

Posted May 01, 2017

Posted May 02, 2016

Posted May 02, 2016

After Jay-Z announced his newest venture--a streaming music service called Tidal that he bought a majority stake in for $54 million--with the help of a lot of very famous musicians, there was a bit of a backlash. Meanwhile, Spotify raised $400 million from Goldman Sachs and Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund. And Apple's Beats Music service is pursuing artists for exclusive deals.

Posted Apr 14, 2015

Nude photos of about 20 celebrities appeared on 4chan over the weekend, and speculation quickly led to Apple's iCloud taking much of the blame. But Business Insider's James Cook is skeptical that anyone actually hacked Apple's encrypted iCloud. Instead, he thinks it is more likely that the thief used "social engineering" to gain access to the celebrities' accounts the old-fashioned way, by simply guessing their passwords.

Posted Sep 02, 2014

Amazon Web Services, Inc. announced several new capabilities to make it easier for developers to build, deploy, and scale mobile applications. Amazon Cognito is a new service that provides simple user identity and data synchronization that lets developers create apps that authenticate users through popular public login providers, and then keep app data such as user preferences and game state synced between devices. The new Amazon Mobile Analytics service allows developers to easily collect and analyze app usage data, up to billions of events per day from millions of users, and delivers usage reports.

Posted Jul 10, 2014

Speculation about Amazon's own streaming music service is heating up after Digital Music News posted a contract it says it obtained from sources like "smaller publishers and rights owners, who are being handed ‘take it or leave it' terms without the ability to negotiate." The article also claims that bigger groups are being offered larger sums of money.

Posted Apr 08, 2014

Signiant announced a significant extension of the company's cloud portfolio with the introduction of Signiant SkyDrop, a commercially available hybrid SaaS solution that accelerates the movement of big data and professional media files into and out of Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure cloud storage. Signiant SkyDrop is a genuine cloud-formed solution that leverages managed cloud infrastructure, in contrast to software that customers must deploy and manage.

Posted Apr 08, 2014

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., announced a new partnership with startup technology company Knode to provide customized research expertise portals to learned societies and other academic organizations worldwide. Knode's expertise profiling system compiles a research signature for users based on their publication history, patents, clinical trials, and grants.

Posted Jan 08, 2014

Amazon Studios, the original film and series production arm of Amazon.com, announced Amazon Storybuilder. Based on the practice of outlining a screenplay with paper notecards, Amazon Storybuilder takes notecarding and makes it digital, giving screenwriters the ability to lay out digital notecards on a virtual corkboard. Users can access their projects whenever and wherever on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Posted Dec 19, 2013

Brainshark, Inc., a provider of cloud-based business presentations, announced the availability of an online assessment tool to help companies evaluate their sales content effectiveness. The purpose of the assessment - made available for free by both Brainshark and Profitable Channels, a provider of sales enablement consulting - is to help sales and marketing professionals understand how well their content is driving sales performance and to identify steps to maximize the return on their content investments.

Posted Dec 05, 2013

XTM International, a provider of web-based translation technology, has released XTM Version 8.0. Incorporating many features requested by its users, Version 8.0 provides customers with an even more powerful computer aided translation (CAT) tool and translation management system (TMS).

Posted Nov 19, 2013

Based on initial results with Ford Fiesta, Chiquita, Xbox, Salvation Army, United Way of Southeastern Michigan, Moosejaw, and Kabam, Are You a Human-- a Detroit start up that specializes in game-based verification systems -- has broadly launched PlayThru a verification ad unit that allows marketers to deliver a brand message while users play a quick game to prove they are, well, human. PlayThru can replace CAPTCHA, a series of distorted characters traditionally used by websites.

Posted Oct 29, 2013

That little bump on your arm that looks like a mole. But what if it is something worse? You don't remember it being there last month. Maybe it's just a bug bite. Although it has been bothering you for a few days. So what do you do? Of course you approach this problem like any other rational human with a college degree and a smartphone. You ask the internet.

Posted Jul 18, 2013

Marrying a collection of cultural content with a proprietary e-commerce system, Mediander LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fine Creative Media, Inc., announced the launch of its new website mediander.com.

Posted Jul 16, 2013

Pantheon, an all-in-one Drupal platform, announced the launch of Multidev, which aims to cut website management costs by letting teams instantly provision unlimited development environments in the cloud. Each member of a team can fork the entire stack of services that power a site on demand, developing in tandem on a single platform.

Posted Jul 12, 2013

re:fuel -- a media and promotions firm -- announced the launch of IHeartNewspapers.com, an online resource for newspaper research and information. The site's content is designed to promote the positive impact that newspapers have on readers and illustrate the value of newspaper advertising to marketers.

Posted Jul 10, 2013