Darin Stewart

Darin Stewart is director of research information services for Oregon Health & Science University and principal of Nexial Group Consulting. He is author of the book Building Enterprise Taxonomies.

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Articles by Darin Stewart

Healthcare in America is changing. At the heart of the transformation is the electronic medical record (EMR). By pulling together all of a patient's information, from lab test results to billing history, into a single electronic record, healthcare organizations can dramatically improve quality of care while at the same time lowering their costs.
Editorial/Feature - September 2009 Issue, Posted Sep 16, 2009
The concurrent ascendancy of taxonomies and XML isn’t surprising, yet regardless of their complementary nature, the two technologies are rarely in the same place at the same time. However, when they get together, the result is not only powerful, but flexible as well.
Editorial/Feature - March 2007 Issue, Posted Mar 08, 2007