Janus Boye

Based in Denmark, Janus Boye is managing director of Boye IT, a vendor-neutral analyst company focused on portals. Janus is contributing analyst at CMS Watch, as co-author of the CMS Report and a principal author of the Enterprise Portals Report. He is also the founder and conference chair of cmf2006, an annual international portal conference. Janus also serves on the management committee of the CM Professionals association.

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Articles by Janus Boye

You will find many enthusiastic voices, echoing the marketing material from vendors and busy conference floors, proclaiming wikis to be the ultimate solution to a wide range of information management problems. So how do you know if a wiki will bring positive change to your organization?
Editorial/Feature - November 2008 Issue, Posted Oct 22, 2008
To keep a portal from being more than just a pretty face, it is essential to untangle this confusing market and examine portal functionality as it relates to different projects.
Editorial/Feature - September 2007 Issue, Posted Sep 11, 2007
Though the term portal remains a broadly misused word, enterprise IT leaders consistently rank portal technology near the top of their investment plans. So it’s no surprise that open source portal projects are trying to claim their share of the buzz.
Editorial/Feature - July/August 2006 Issue, Posted Jul 18, 2006