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With more than ten years experience in the product management and business development side of online content, Nancy Davis Kho now writes about the rapidly changing environment of digital media and its implications for business. Along with features and case studies here at EContent Magazine, Nancy writes the regular Faces of EContent profile. She is a frequent contributor to Streaming Media and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her website is at

Articles by Nancy Davis Kho

The right tools are an integral part of getting any job done. In the world of digital content tools are plentiful, so finding the right one for you can be tricky. That's why we ask the experts what tools they use to get their jobs done.
Editorial/Tools You'll Use - Posted Mar 13, 2015
Frank Taylor works as a senior front-end developer at Tahzoo, a customer experience agency offering research and content strategy solutions to Fortune 500 companies. In his role, Taylor says, "I work with both internal and external customers to provide front-end architectural guidance on SDL Tridion."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Mar 06, 2015
In her role as a product marketing manager for Telerik, which offers a web content management (WCM) platform that lets businesses personalize web experiences, Svetla Yankova's primary remit is, as she puts it, "to find the product for the market and the market for the product, all the way from strategy to execution." This covers the spectrum from strategy-centric tasks such as market research, positioning, and persona building, to actual execution by communicating roadmaps, implementing launch plans, creating marketing plans, and providing sales support.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Nov 28, 2014
In her role as a product marketing manager for Telerik, which offers a web content management (WCM) platform that lets businesses personalize web experiences, Svetla Yankova's primary remit is, as she puts it, "to find the product for the market and the market for the product, all the way from strategy to execution." This covers the spectrum from strategy-centric tasks such as market research, positioning, and persona building, to actual execution by communicating roadmaps, implementing launch plans, creating marketing plans, and providing sales support.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Nov 14, 2014
At Scribd, a subscription digital library to the world's largest collection of ebooks, Lyndsey Besser works in the ranks of the original content marketers: public relations professionals. She says, "My primary role is to spread the word about Scribd. We want publishers and authors to know about the service, and we want readers to know they can have instant access to unlimited books on all their devices."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - October 2014 Issue, Posted Oct 10, 2014
When Lucy Kemmitz stepped into the role of social media manager for Hilton Hotels & Resort, the first dedicated social position for the brand, she was able to craft her own job description. She says, "We have over 550 hotels around the world, and I have the task of training and educating each hotel in social media, working with regional teams that assist in rolling out different programs." Kemmitz works closely with a host of departments, not only in the Americas but across the world. "Making sure Hilton is top of mind in social is important not just in driving revenue, but in ensuring that guests and potential guests feel cared for," she says.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Sep 12, 2014
At Lattice, which offers predictive application solutions for marketing and sales professionals to uncover buyer insights, Amanda Maksymiw creates content to educate and engage customers. Maksymiw says, "To help build our thought-leadership role and provide compelling content, I create blog posts, videos, infographics, and longer form ebooks and white papers." To generate ideas for those content assets, Maksymiw collaborates with many departments within Lattice and with outside influencers in the field of sales and marketing.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Jul 11, 2014
From the experience of publishing her first book with the Penguin Group Australia, Boling had firsthand knowledge of the disruption underway in traditional publishing. "I knew, with this book, that I wanted to start from a spot ahead of the curve from a technical standpoint," Boling says. Historical fiction, she believes, is a perfect genre for allowing readers to enrich their reading experience by referring to maps, character biographies, photos, and drawings. But Boling was adamant about not allowing those enhancements to interrupt the flow of the story. "I thought a lot about how I could use technology developments to provide a great reader experience, something that would provide seamless integration between the story and the technology," she says.
Editorial/Case Studies - June 2014 Issue, Posted Jun 16, 2014
At the advertising agency Arnold Worldwide, John Forrester is a brand journalist and social media community manager for the New Balance (NB) account. "I'm responsible for researching, reporting, and writing long-form editorial content for and ensuring that each piece makes its way to the client through Arnold's editorial process," Forrester says. On a monthly basis, he assists in the development of content deliverables, from long-form articles on the brand's website to bite-size graphics distributed through social channels. Forrester says, "Beyond editorial production, I also keep an eye on running and sneaker head publications and online communities to see what direction their content is going."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - June 2014 Issue, Posted Jun 06, 2014
As an account manager in the London headquarters of Kulu Valley, a digital communications solution provider that allows users to create and distribute interactive presentations, with video, synced slides, and other resources, Somaya Khan's main job is to make sure clients are using the platform's functionality to the fullest. "I advise on what works and what doesn't in the digital space," Khan says. While the platform is designed to be self-explanatory, she says, "Sometimes, clients just need some hand-holding, especially the first few times or when it's an especially important presentation." This could mean going to the client's offices to assist with video recordings or bringing clients to Kulu Valley's own production facilities.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted May 16, 2014
BuddyTV provides viewers with engaging, interactive guides for personalized television viewing. The company's manager of business operations, Andrew Sumitani, says his role requires more than just a revenue focus. "I manage many aspects of our web property, so I make feature requests of our development team and help them prioritize which to tackle first. Then, when those requests are completed, I hand off marketing to our social media team," he says.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - April 2014 Issue, Posted Apr 18, 2014
Jennifer is the production operations manager for the hosted data services team at Connotate, which provides web data monitoring and extraction services for its customers. "My team writes all the processes to automate the reading, collection, publishing, and pushing of data to our customers," Beach says, noting that her group oversees 450 servers. That means working closely with Connotate's sales and professional services web harvesting teams to make sure the company delivers exactly what customers expect. "We're technologists and engineers, but with strong business analyst skills."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - March 2014 Issue, Posted Mar 07, 2014
The DVR just made it so easy. Push advertising was already losing its dominance by the time the DVR came around. Once consumers were given a simple tool with which to skip past traditional advertising, marketers had to start thinking about how to create strategies for motivating customers to want to interact with brands, by offering information to make customers' lives better. And thus was the seed for content marketing planted.
Editorial/Feature - January/February 2014 Issue, Posted Feb 17, 2014
So much conversation around the importance of social media for business has focused on its role in marketing. How to engage customers with a brand on Twitter in a way that translates to new sales? How to capture a large Facebook fan base and then transform it into brand champions and paying customers? But a new index from Sprout Social, which provides social media engagement, publishing, and analytic tools, shows that social media's most exciting opportunity-and challenge-may be the provision of customer service.
News/News Feature - Posted Jan 06, 2014
Davina Baum is the director of digital content for AFAR, a multiplatform travel media brand designed to make experiential travel easier. Baum, who oversees content strategy, says, "I spend a fair amount of time thinking about how to get our content out to the most people, how to bring new people to us, and how to make sure that reading is the most satisfying experience to readers, whether on browser or mobile."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - November 2013 Issue, Posted Nov 08, 2013
In targeting ads that would engage readers and drive revenues for its thousands of advertisers, BlogHer already uses traditional keywords and key values such as age, geography, and time of day. But in an industry in which there is constant pressure on ad prices, and growing expectations by readers that they will be served contextually relevant content, BlogHer wanted to achieve higher precision for keyword and key value targeting in a way that was scalable.
Editorial/Case Studies - November 2013 Issue, Posted Nov 06, 2013
As head of curation for Flipboard--which allows users to easily create, edit, and share magazines using content from the web--Mia Quagliarello works to make great content easily discoverable to readers all over the world. "When news breaks, we curate magazines that go deep into current events, with content from different platforms and media types. We might include articles from The New York Times and the BBC, prominent tweets, photos on Instagram, and videos from YouTube," Quagliarello says. She also manages Flipboard's company blog, for which she sometimes gets to interview thought-leaders and celebrities, including Larry King and Jessica Alba. "I also contribute to our social media posts, and create tutorial videos that explain how to use Flipboard," Quagliarello says.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - October 2013 Issue, Posted Oct 11, 2013
As the social media strategist at iAcquire, an agency specializing in digital marketing strategy, SEO, and social media, Megan Brown says, "If there's anything social media-related that comes up or needs to be done, I'm involved." That means working with sales and account managers to pitch to potential clients, creating and implementing social strategy, and networking with influencers on the client's behalf.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - September 2013 Issue, Posted Sep 13, 2013
Jordy Brazier manages the customer success team at FirstRain, Inc., which provides software analytics for customer and market intelligence to the sales and marketing departments of large companies. "Once a contract is signed, my team and I are the boots on the ground, working with the customer and our engineering team to implement the solution in the best way possible," Brazier says.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - July/August 2013 Issue, Posted Aug 02, 2013
After years of wondering, "Will they or won't they?" observers of the news publishing industry finally have a definitive answer: Newspapers, large and small, are implementing paid digital content models. Whether from sheer economic necessity, availability of better technology to implement more sophisticated solutions, or simply because publishers have finally integrated their digital strategies into overall business strategies, experimentation around making digital content pay its own way is rampant. Allen Weiner, research vice president at Gartner, says, "It's a period of forced innovation for newspapers. How can you innovate, and how can you do it cheaply?"
News/News Feature - June 2013 Issue, Posted Jun 10, 2013
Michael Boor maintains the Wonderware Developer Network (WDN) Technical Support Website, an online knowledge center for Wonderware, a real-time operations management software solution from Invensys, Inc. Boor says, "The WDN has evolved and grown from a community-focused site into a central self-help source for the Wonderware software platform." "My role is a combination of technical communicator, content strategist, business system analyst, videographer, usability expert, fixer-of-problems, and rock 'n' roll drummer," Boor says. His primary focus is to provide news, reports, content, design, functionality, and content strategies that support the site. And there's no end point to the project. As Boor says, "By definition, the site is never finished. It must always evolve."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - June 2013 Issue, Posted Jun 07, 2013
With a job description that most sports fans would salivate over, Dylan MacNamara, senior deputy editor at digital sports media network Bleacher Report, Inc., manages the site's NFL associate editors and the myriad featured columnists who report to them. "I'm also involved with the NBA team, specifically helping during creative sessions and talent recruitment," says MacNamara, who is also helping to build a scouting department for the site.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - May 2013 Issue, Posted May 24, 2013
Stan Garfield considers himself a maven, a salesman, and a connector in his role as leader of the collaboration program for Deloitte Development, LLC's consulting business. "I provide advice and support on communities, enterprise social networking (ESN), and social media, primarily to internal users," Garfield says. This involves training, monitoring, and encouraging users of Deloitte's ESN to "narrate their work, or work out loud," Garfield says, for more efficient communication and knowledge sharing within the organization.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - April 2013 Issue, Posted Apr 12, 2013
Ernie Smith, social media journalist with TMG, a content marketing firm, focuses on writing and running, the online presence for ASAE's (American Society of Association Executives) Associations Now. Smith says, "I work directly with ASAE staff in shaping the tone and the style of the content, which is largely curated with daily blog posts and a strong focus on visuals. I design my own infographics and illustrations, I help post to social media, I played a key role in designing the look of the newsletter which we publish Monday through Friday-and a key role in writing it, too."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - March 2013 Issue, Posted Mar 15, 2013
Fifteen years ago, Thea Selby and Linda Ruth founded the Exceptional Women in Publishing organization to address what Selby referred to as "the vacuum in women's leadership in the magazine industry." On March 6 at EWIP's fifth annual Women's Leadership Conference, held in San Francisco's elegant Art Nouveau City Club, more than 250 attendees took a moment to reflect back on the massive changes that have taken place in the publishing industry since 1998. But the primary focus of the event was how to leverage the technologies and trends, from video integration to mobile monetization to social media partnering, that stand to radically impact the industry's future.
News/News Feature - Posted Mar 08, 2013
Five years ago at the inaugural Intelligent Content Conference, there were 35 attendees. The 2013 ICC event, held in San Francisco on February 7 and 8, drew more than three hundred professionals from the disciplines of digital publishing, content management, content marketing, content strategy, mobile communication, and IT. It's as good a sign as any that corporate publishing-that is, businesses outside of traditional publishing using content to drive revenue growth-has moved to center stage.
News/News Feature - Posted Feb 11, 2013
With a title like "Catalyst," Zak Greant of Magnolia International Ltd., the company that develops the Magnolia open source enterprise content management system, has a wide-ranging remit. "I focus on community strategy, community development and contributor development," says Greant. "At its core, community work is about people."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Jan 25, 2013
Peter Sunna is a product manager at EPiServer, a provider of web content management (WCM), online social community, and ecommerce platforms. Sunna says, "I work with our content management tool that editors and marketers use each day to manage their different online channels, ranging from their websites and mobile to social."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Nov 09, 2012
As a senior experience architect for Siteworx, Inc., an interactive agency with a focus on agile design, web content management, and systems integration, Dara Pressley says, "I put together the structure, or bones, of a website." She's responsible for user research, information architecture, competitor analysis, and interactive designs, and she also works with a team to produce the work.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - October 2012 Issue, Posted Oct 19, 2012
As a senior sales engineer for CSG International, which provides business support solutions to content producers to help them grow digital entertainment businesses, Ryan Anglin's job requires both technical knowledge and an understanding of the econtent industry as a whole. "My primary responsibilities center around educating current and prospective customers about our direct-to-consumer platform, Content Direct," Anglin says, "so I have to understand how it fits within a customer's current infrastructure."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - September 2012 Issue, Posted Sep 14, 2012
As a lead front end architect at Kaltura, which provides an open source video platform for more than 150,000 websites, Michael Dale's role boils down to making it easy for people to communicate with video online. "My focus is on platforms that support the HTML5 video standard on desktop and mobile," Dale says. "I work to build a front end video player architecture that scales well to massive amounts of video views and supports rich online video experiences."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - July/August 2012 Issue, Posted Jul 05, 2012
As an applications engineer for Bunchball, an industry leader in the field of gamification, Kasey McCurdy develops front-end applications for the Nitro gamification platform. "I started my career primarily as a designer, and because of my unique background, I often find myself helping with design, user experience, and the overall conceptualization of different products and solutions," McCurdy says. "I get to implement Nitro with a large variety of platforms, from to Jive Software to mobile."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - June 2012 Issue, Posted Jun 15, 2012
At FishBowl Worldwide Media, an independent production company that develops scripted television, unscripted television, and digital content, Kelly Nash is a manager in the unscripted television division. "I develop new television ideas on my own, and also meet with independent producers in the community who pitch me ideas," Nash says. "When I partner with a producer, we develop the format together as a 50/50 partnership." After putting together a presentation that includes a "sizzle reel" to provide a taste of the show and its characters, the team pitches it to television networks.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - May 2012 Issue, Posted May 16, 2012
At the Software and Information Industry Association's Content VIA Platforms conference in San Francisco on May 10, the "Gang of Four" - Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook -were omnipresent, even if no one from those organizations was scheduled to speak. Publishers and technology providers used "VIA" to discuss the risks and opportunities in working with these companies, a sign of the importance the four platforms now play in meeting the evolving preferences of eContent consumers.
News/News Feature - Posted May 11, 2012
As senior product manager at Cambridge Semantics, Inc., which provides operational intelligence software, Rob Gonzalez is responsible for developing and executing go-to-market strategies for Cambridge products."We have a new product line coming out called Anzo Express, which has a 6-month marketing and engineering plan associated with it," Gonzalez says. "I co-developed the strategy with one of our co-founders, and really enjoy working at that level."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - April 2012 Issue, Posted Apr 06, 2012
Games have been around since before recorded history, but it's only within the past 2 years that they've really gotten down to (online) business. As acceptance of and familiarity with game mechanisms within online social networks and on entertainment sites increase, games are popping up on once-static web properties as a means of captivating audiences, enhancing market research, and stimulating conversation between companies and customers.
Editorial/Feature - March 2012 Issue, Posted Mar 12, 2012
This week marked the fourth annual Exceptional Women in Publishing Women's Leadership Conference in San Francisco, with a theme of "Taking Our Next Step: Content, Community, and Collaboration." The 225 attendees, primarily women, gathered to talk about hot issues in publishing and media, from building sales across digital channels to publishing by and for women.
News/News Feature - Posted Mar 09, 2012
Rachel Goldberg is a solutions consultant with the professional services team at Brainshark, which provides cloud-based software for creating, sharing, and tracking online and mobile video presentations. "My role is a mix of being a product expert and connecting that to our customers' communication approaches in areas like customer and partner education, internal training, sales, marketing outreach, and HR," Goldberg says.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - March 2012 Issue, Posted Mar 02, 2012
As online marketing/SEO analyst for Sitecore, a web content management system software company, Ted Prodromou manages online ads and marketing campaigns all over the world. "I'm also responsible for the search engine optimization of Sitecore's corporate website and the microsites for each international region, and I play an integral role in Sitecore's social media strategy," Prodromou says.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - January/February 2012 Issue, Posted Feb 24, 2012
As the sole database administrator (DBA) for startup Perfect Market, which provides traffic and content optimization solutions for web publishers, Tracy Tan likes the dual nature of her role. "It's nice to play with data-when business users ask me questions I can retrieve the answers. But I also like table design, and I get to do that for both our operational database and data warehouse database."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - November 2011 Issue, Posted Nov 11, 2011
When considering the future of web content management (WCM), it is perhaps helpful to remember that the technology is designed to systemize and automate that which has long been practiced by retailers and expected by consumers in the real world. Just as a shopper who enters a sporting goods store and asks for help finding a fishing rod might beat a hasty retreat if the clerk brings back a soccer ball, visitors to websites expect to be listened to and to receive personalized service. When you figure that an online shopper is not a car drive away from another store but rather just a few quick keyboard strokes away from another website, the pressure to get WCM right mounts exponentially.
Editorial/Feature - Posted Sep 21, 2011
Name With The Face:Casey Jenkins
Job Title:Senior Product Manager
Organization:Elsevier B.V.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Posted Sep 09, 2011
"I'm tasked with making an impact internally and externally."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - July/August 2011 Issue, Posted Jul 08, 2011
When it comes to leveraging Facebook pages, publishers can be forgiven for wondering, "Where do I start?" Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that Facebook users are highly engaged and influential consumers that brands should be falling over themselves to court, it isn't always obvious exactly how a Facebook page can help businesses grow. AllFacebook's AF Expo in San Francisco recently examined the question.
News/News Feature - Posted Jun 30, 2011
Meet the five new fundamentals of the information experience. Whether it's on a desktop monitor or a tiny mobile screen, ‘information experience' is the moment when the user experience and information-intensive applications meet. Over the past few years, as the volume of structured and unstructured data within organizations has exploded and the channels on which that information is consumed has diversified, content consumers have been revising their expectations for what qualifies as an acceptable information experience.
Editorial/Feature - June 2011 Issue, Posted Jun 22, 2011
What a difference a year makes. Talk at the 2010 Semantic Technology conference tended toward the theoretical. At SemTech 2011-held this week in San Francisco-however, John O'Donovan, director of architecture and development for the UK's Press Association delivered a keynote called "Semantics in News, Sport and Media: A Compelling Case and New Architectural Pattern for Semantics in Every Enterprise," and it showed that the promise of semantics is finally making its way into publisher workflows and onto the end user desktop.
News/News Feature - Posted Jun 09, 2011
‘We work closely with them to pinpoint the kind of information they need.'
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - June 2011 Issue, Posted Jun 09, 2011
"I never get to sit at my desk."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - May 2011 Issue, Posted May 12, 2011
"I coach and guide my team in figuring out what product offerings are the best fit."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - April 2011 Issue, Posted Mar 25, 2011
As far as trends go, this one is easy to call: Over time, more consumers will break away from traditional broadcast channels of television and radio in favor of alternative video viewing platforms such as internet-connect televisions, set-top boxes, and video on demand. At the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, manufacturers of web-connected television technologies were showing off new devices that will enable consumers to stream content directly from the web to their television screens.
News/News Feature - March 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 28, 2011
"Some days I will be locked into my chair, headphones on, surfing the web to compile competitive intelligence."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - March 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 25, 2011
"I work alongside our production and content licensing teams to develop the final digital product for our web team and partners so they can access, manage, edit, publish, and distribute online."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 02, 2011
It is the very breadth, depth, and possibility inherent in semantic technology that can prevent content companies from experimenting with a technology that may be one of the most useful commercial innovations of the past decade. The murkiness of the word itself—not to mention the standards, acronyms, and jargon that can dominate the discussion of semantics—only adds to the confusion.
Editorial/Feature - November 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 12, 2010
"Being in the newsroom also means that every few months I get to work on some breaking news event where everything happens in an instant."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - November 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 02, 2010
"While I don't do the translations, I am the hub for the various teams involved in the process, from product managers to developers, QA staff, technical writers, in-country teams, and translation vendors."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - October 2010 Issue, Posted Oct 04, 2010
Twenty years ago when the web was young, the topic of standards was mainly the purview of computer scientists, engineers, and enterprise technologists. But these days, with the impact of standards on everything from how content displays in various browsers and delivery on emergent devices to cost savings and search engine optimization (SEO), web standards have become everyone's business. Analysis by Nancy Davis Kho.
Editorial/Feature - September 2010 Issue, Posted Sep 06, 2010
"I explain why the world needs more librarians and help to develop and educate librarians to fill the unmet needs out there."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - September 2010 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2010
As recently as the last decade, content marketing - that is, content not as the product itself but as the basis for engaging a target audience and helping compel that audience to purchase a company's product - was reduced to a fairly short list of flavors. Today, however, companies have an opportunity to engage customers directly with endlessly unfolding content communication opportunities.
Editorial/Feature - July/August 2010 Issue, Posted Jul 19, 2010
"I'm fascinated by trends in information delivery especially to enterprise users, and my role here is to help companies get the right information to the right people at the right time."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - July/August 2010 Issue, Posted Jul 02, 2010
The annual Semantics Technology conference (SemTech 2010) is taking place in San Francisco this week, and if the first day of the sessions in the Publishing Track proved anything, it's that semantics for the content industry is poised to explode - if it can just get out of its own way.With attendance up 30% over last year, the 1200 attendees are a testament to the fact that interest in semantics continues to swell, even in, or perhaps because of, a sluggish economy. But the day's sessions zigzagged between the types of technical three-letter-acronym laden presentations by semantic technology vendors that tend to scare off the very buyers who could benefit most from their solutions, and inspiring examples of real world semantic implementation that media and publishing executives could easily extrapolate to address their own specific business challenges.
News/News Feature - Posted Jun 28, 2010
As search technology has evolved and digital information has expanded and taken on new forms, "search" is less about finding and more about doing: integrating search and discovery into workflow to improve and speed decision making.
Editorial/Feature - June 2010 Issue, Posted Jun 02, 2010
"There is a plethora of research and historical materials here with value in the global open access environment. It is a sustainable model, as it will be maintained in perpetuity with URLs that never change."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - June 2010 Issue, Posted May 31, 2010
On May 24 and 25 the Software & Information Industry Association held its annual NetGain conference in San Francisco. Starting with a high-energy "Speed Networking" session in which the 80 attendees held three-minute one-on-one conversations in a grown-up version of musical chairs, the conference maintained a focus on the practical over the theoretical.
News/News Feature - Posted May 27, 2010
Linguistic and cultural issues impact the success of businesses seeking to expand throughout the increasingly global marketplace, as well as successes closer to home—given the fact that many countries are populated by those speaking different languages. Previously, only companies of a certain size looked beyond their borders. Today, every business is in competition with every other business across the planet.
Editorial/Feature - May 2010 Issue, Posted May 10, 2010
As a technical project lead for ClearForest, a Thomson Reuters company providing text-driven business intelligence solutions, Sumit Shah works primarily on the company's Calais initiative, which offers free metadata generation services, developer tools, and an open standard for the generation of semantic content. In this role, Shah has a broad mandate, both helping customers who have deployed OpenCalais and adapting the platform for internal use at Thomson Reuters.
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - May 2010 Issue, Posted May 04, 2010
"I train people from all over the world, and curriculum development and understanding of different learning modes all still applies. And I still give assignments; It's old school but it helps customers retain what I've shown them."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - April 2010 Issue, Posted Apr 09, 2010
If 2009 was the worst of times for most of the information industry, it was a decidedly good year for manufacturers of digital e-reading alternatives. In a year when 34% of Americans reported cutting down on the number of books they were purchasing, the news of e-readers and tablet devices flying off shelves should be encouraging to businesses whose lifeblood is the provision of engaging content. Yet for publishers, the mainstream adoption of digital reading alternatives and ebooks brings huge financial challenges alongside the tantalizing opportunities.
Editorial/Feature - April 2010 Issue, Posted Apr 02, 2010
'Essentially, font management is a specialized form of digital asset management, except that the asset is also a system-level software resource.'
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - March 2010 Issue, Posted Mar 01, 2010
In discussing the decision to shake up the CODiE Awards by moving the program from its traditional home during the spring NetGain conference in San Francisco, SIIA Content Division vice president Ed Keating noted that "there's not much difference between a rut and a groove." That premise of breaking out of a rut was certainly in evidence in the product strategies of the 15 winning companies, winnowed from more than one hundred nominees through two rounds of voting.
News/News Feature - Posted Jan 29, 2010
‘I spend most of my day working with faculty to help them both showcase and develop their research.'
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - January/February 2010 Issue, Posted Jan 25, 2010
"I was once at a customer site for a few days and noticed that a printer had been running continually, requiring an employee to feed it reams of paper..."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - November 2009 Issue, Posted Nov 02, 2009
With a theme of "Net Initiatives for Tough Times," this year's Internet Librarian show in Monterey, CA tapped into the key issue facing librarians and information managers in every setting: how to do more with less, while always proving your contributions to the success of your organization.
News/News Feature - Posted Oct 30, 2009
"I'm currently preparing an exhibition on Darwin [that] will open soon in our gallery."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - October 2009 Issue, Posted Oct 01, 2009
"My focus has been on education and awareness-building."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - September 2009 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2009
"Using scrum allows me to provide a rapid, flexible response to our client's business needs."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - July/August 2009 Issue, Posted Jul 17, 2009
As far as metaphors go, a 1920s-era steel filing cabinet remains a rather apt construct for considering the management of enterprise documents. Of course—as enterprise knowledge has exploded and become overwhelmingly resident in electronic format—filing cabinets are no longer an appropriate or desirable means of performing all the various aspects of document management.
Editorial/Feature - July/August 2009 Issue, Posted Jul 15, 2009
In today's enterprise, information discovery is often treated more as a survival mechanism than an opportunity. And that's only for the companies that have solid information discovery practices in place. For organizations that still rely on simple search engines to uncover data assets within their IT infrastructure, the opportunity costs can be catastrophic.
Editorial/Feature - May 2009 Issue, Posted May 11, 2009
"I get to meet the people with whom I frequently work virtually."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - May 2009 Issue, Posted May 01, 2009
"I am at the front line of customer interaction."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - April 2009 Issue, Posted Apr 02, 2009
With so much enterprise information now residing online and in overlapping applications both inside and outside firewalls, with employees and contractors dispersed in offices around the globe, and with software as a service becoming an everyday part of enterprise architecture, the need for flexible and secure identity and access management has become of foremost importance for any organization.
Editorial/Feature - April 2009 Issue, Posted Mar 27, 2009
As technical and cost barriers fall and security issues are addressed, the cloud has become a viable platform not only for back-end operations but also for key business practices, including content management and distribution.
Editorial/Feature - March 2009 Issue, Posted Mar 05, 2009
"Provide the best access to the huge variety of online resources."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - March 2009 Issue, Posted Feb 19, 2009
"‘Success relies on whether we foster ongoing communication with our customers."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - January/February 2009 Issue, Posted Feb 11, 2009
‘I hope to make a difference for the good.'
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - November 2008 Issue, Posted Oct 15, 2008
"It is challenging to find the best fit for the software."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - October 2008 Issue, Posted Sep 25, 2008
"They were stunned at how quickly and easily it was done."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - Sept 2008 Issue, Posted Aug 21, 2008
Blogs have come a long way from their earliest manifestations as little more than the online journal entries of individuals wearing bunny slippers while typing away on a home computer. These days, traditional media companies are still struggling to figure out how to leverage the innate characteristics of blogging—immediacy, focus, global reach, interactivity—in a way that will complement existing media channels.
Editorial/Feature - July/August 2008 Issue, Posted Jul 01, 2008
"My job is to translate their knowledge and expertise into the information that our customers need."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - July/August 2008 Issue, Posted Jun 27, 2008
"I'm measured on the maintenance of the site's content."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - June 2008 Issue, Posted Jun 02, 2008
"Usage metrics only tell part of the story."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - May 2008 Issue, Posted May 07, 2008
With the rapid evolution of interactive Web 2.0technologies, corporate marketing departments are presented with challenges and opportunities. Thechallenges come from selecting the right tools for the intended audience and figuring out how to mesh the new technologies with traditional approaches.Opportunity derives from the inherent democratizationof online marketing.
Editorial/Feature - May 2008 Issue, Posted Apr 22, 2008
Adoption of social media tools in the business-to-business environment is still in early stages, as companies contend with issues of productivity, security, privacy, and content ownership related to enterprise social media usage. These issues may be worth tackling, however, as many believe that social media tools, properly designed and deployed, can pay off big in B2B environments.
Editorial/Feature - April 2008 Issue, Posted Apr 04, 2008
‘We want a one-stop shop for ordering.'
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - March 2008 Issue, Posted Mar 04, 2008
"Sometimes customer service is like walking a tightrope, due to the time difference."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - January/February 2008 Issue, Posted Jan 25, 2008
A closer look at Connectbeam, which has already earned a high profile and glowing reviews by offering an ingenious combination of bookmarking, tagging, and social software functionality.
Editorial/Feature - December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
These days, the maturing of the business intelligence market and heightened user expectations for easy information access means the gap between BI and search is narrowing. The question is: Will the two every become one?
Editorial/Feature - November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 13, 2007
One Economy is a multi-national nonprofit organization that brings broadband to the homes of low-income people and provides a multilingual web portal called The Beehive, which connects people with information and services ranging from education and health to employment. To date more than 9 million people have used the Beehive, 20% of whom accessed the content in Spanish, and over 200,000 low-income people have broadband at home through the work of One Economy.
Editorial/Case Studies - October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 05, 2007
The digitization of content, from print to video to audio and beyond, has major implications for corporations and consumers. Never has content been more flexible and accessible, and never has the threat of misuse of copyright been greater. Yet despite the ever-shifting shape of copyright problems, solutions are emerging to help users comply.
Editorial/Feature - September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 28, 2007
The rise of interactive Web 2.0 technologies has changed user expectations relating to the immediacy and accessibility of content in context. Nearly every day there’s a press release touting a new tool or site that allows users to customize, modify, and mash up traditional forms of media to suit a specific function or need. And nowhere have the ramifications been felt more than in the traditional print publishing industry. Publishing isn't just a two-way street, though; content is coming and going in every direction and publishers are racing to keep up.
Editorial/Feature - July/August 2007 Issue, Posted Jul 31, 2007
There are clear signs that momentum is building for enterprise implementation of social networks as tools to improve internal communication and to deepen customer relationships. However, companies are cautiously matching up collaborative functionality with measurable ROI before throwing resources into social networking.
Editorial/Feature - May 2007 Issue, Posted Apr 26, 2007
Latitude Consulting helps the Chrysler Group upgrade its Learning Management System and improve the way it administers dealer certification and training programs to provide better web access, scalability, flexibility, and control.
Editorial/Case Studies - January/February 2007 Issue, Posted Jan 30, 2007
Sony Pictures’ acquisition of video sharing site Grouper Networks in August 2006 marked another significant move in the shakeout of the social media market. The acquisition, valued at $65 million, gives Sony a powerful Web 2.0 marketing and distribution platform for its media properties and offers Grouper’s consumer creators direct access to a major media distributor. Of course it remains to be seen how Sony will cope with the digital-rights-management conundrum presented in its ownership of a site where copyright policing is almost entirely performed by users themselves.
News/News Feature - November 2006 Issue, Posted Oct 26, 2006
iStockphoto, a provider of royalty free stock photography, pioneered a micropayment model to bring affordable stock photographs to the masses and shook up the stock photo industry in the process. Now, following its acquisition by Getty Images earlier this year, iStockphoto is leveraging its parent company’s expertise to add video clips and broaden the site’s international appeal.
News/News Feature - October 2006 Issue, Posted Sep 20, 2006
Can’t wait for the kettle to boil? Frantically pushing elevator buttons in a futile attempt to make it come a bit faster? Well, Amazon’s Upgrade was made for you. In May, Amazon announced Upgrade, which gives users immediate online access to the entire text of a purchased book at a fee of an additional 10%–20% above a book’s list price. It also enables customers to search, annotate, bookmark, and print individual pages, leveraging digital functionality to enhance the book buyer’s experience. Amazon Upgrade is built on the same technology as its “Search Inside the Book” program launched three years ago.
News/News Feature - July/August 2006 Issue, Posted Jul 07, 2006