Steven Asherman

Steven Asherman is President and Chief Technology Officer of Content Galaxy, where he designed and led the development of their publishing platform for creating paid subscription video channels. The service is based on a unique model of video content monetization that enables trustworthy revenue sharing.

Steven also provides consulting focused on scaling up commercial web sites. His background is as a senior consultant specializing in the design and programming of large-scale, web applications, with an emphasis on complex financial systems. He holds patents related to distributed processing, secure database operations across the Internet, and high precision arithmetic.

He has sold and led a half dozen, multi-year, multi-million-dollar consulting projects for creating and improving software-as-a-service web sites and database applications for clients that have included Dealer Track, Fidelity Information Systems, Send Word Now, TNS Competitive Media Reporting, Deutsche Bank, and Marsh. His enterprise consulting clients have included Aetna, Citibank, Columbia Pictures, IBM, and The New York Times.

Articles by Steven Asherman

Leveraging video and FinTech to increase revenues might be one road to salvation for struggling digital publishers.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Mar 27, 2019