Irina Kovalenko

Irina Kovalenko is a Chief Marketing Officer at SmartyAds LLC, a company specializing on developing cutting-edge programmatic platforms for ad buying and selling automatization.

Irina is an outstanding marketing professional whose deep knowledge and expertise are hailing from multitude of disciplines and industries. Her background includes but is not limited to Ad tech, Inbound marketing and she feels deeply passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Articles by Irina Kovalenko

Statistics, dashboards, and tools for campaign optimization are at everyone's disposal. The problem is, the picture of measured KPI and ROI they provide can be far from the true state of things. Today, advertisers and publishers should be well-informed and prepared in order to raise the brand in ever-changing ad tech reality.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jul 30, 2018