Erik Requidan

A true pioneer in the programmatic space, Erik Requidan joined Intermarkets in 2013 and quickly advanced within the company. As VP of Programmatic Strategy, Requidan is responsible for partner development, programmatic strategy, and revenue at Intermarkets. He is actively affiliated with many exchange advisory councils and serves as a strategic advisor to several top ad tech companies, helping them to improve their tech for both buyers and publishers.

Requidan came to Intermarkets with a history of successfully building media companies’ digital businesses and has continued that streak at Intermarkets. Early in his career, Requidan worked with in its startup phase to drive revenue with their ad products including audio and video inventory. As Director of Emerging Media and Digital Media Platforms for Washington Times, he spearheaded the publication’s move to create new revenue streams like native and sponsored content.

Requidan has a vast knowledge of the online advertising ecosystem and uses his keen insights to benefit the publications that Intermarkets represents, as well as the advertisers. He is widely regarded as one of the top programmatic experts in the country and is a frequent contributor to publications, including Beet.TV, The Drum, AdExchanger, and Digiday. He also collaborates with industry groups and associations like the IAB MIXX and Programmatic IO training programs.

Articles by Erik Requidan

Every day, ethical and well-meaning publishers receive emails from industry vendors, promising a 500% revenue lift if we enlist them as a partner. They may even cite a specific case study from a publisher who achieved these miraculous results. Of course, they'll neglect to mention that this publisher was only targeting a specific niche audience segment - or that they doubled the number ads on a page. They'll never provide the full picture behind the story, much like that 50-pound weight loss tale. We'll never see that "results not typical" disclaimer.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jul 09, 2018