Chemi Katz

Chemi Katz is co-founder and CEO of Namogoo, a company that helps online businesses preserve the online customer journey by preventing unauthorized product ad injections from damaging the customer experience and hurting ecommerce conversion, customer retention, and website analytics.

With over 17 years of experience in the security, commerce and advertising spaces, Katz is an experienced visionary and a serial entrepreneur who has been building disruptive technologies. Prior to co-founding Namogoo, Chemi was the general manager of DoubleVerify Israel, and co-founded Seapai and Reissod. Earlier in his career, Katz led production operations at LivePerson, was the global business technology manager for Aladdin, and managed IT outsourcing for Bynat.

Articles by Chemi Katz

Never before has there been so much honest competition in the e-commerce space from competing retailers and online publishers that you are keenly aware of. And now there's a new form of competition-the type that lurks in the shadows, visible only to your most prized possession-potential customers.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Oct 24, 2018
It's clear why publishers integrate these outside vendors into their website ecosystems; each generates unique value in reaching desired user experience and business objectives. The intentions are good. What's less clear is the hidden risks associated with deployment. With these good intentions come potentially negative impacts on site performance, as well as risks to privacy and security.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Apr 27, 2018
MarTech decision makers must find solutions that enable them to excite prospects, optimize the online customer journey, differentiate in the market, convert, and easily scale in order to produce the best results and meet desired organizational goals. Here are three key strategies to follow while making MarTech purchase decisions in 2018.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jan 01, 2018