Gal Oppenheimer

Gal Oppenheimer is the senior product manager at and delivered award-winning applications from inception to onstage launch. He is responsible for’s flagship products including Flow, Backend, and Contentstack. Gal manages development engagements for both enterprises and startup customers including the Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, Dell, EMC, VMware, Elastic, Twilio and more. Gal holds a B.A. in economics and a minor in computer science from The University of Chicago.

Articles by Gal Oppenheimer

The term "headless CMS" has emerged to describe a new way to manage content--and web managers cannot get enough of it. Instead of overwhelming their dev team with trivial requests, a headless CMS decouples code from content so that anyone can easily make edits--no training or development required. But how can it be that easy? The answer comes in the form of technology: The cloud and APIs.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Sep 13, 2017