Scott Gordon

Scott is the Leader of a startup division of a greater Boston company, which is aggregating a high quality database of U.S. company profiles.  Prior to that, he spent 10 years at OneSource where he was the VP of Licensing and Contracting and oversaw content licensing, a legal team, and worked on corporate development and operations' related projects.

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Articles by Scott Gordon

With each emerging content type comes the ever-present need to help users find it. While text-based search has continued to evolve, effective tools for rich media are still nascent. For the Web’s hot content-type du jour, podcasting, search tools have only just started to appear, though this search niche is poised to heat up: Forrester Research predicts that 12.3 million U.S. households will listen to podcasts by decade’s end; the Diffusion Group estimates the U.S. podcast audience will be at 56 million by 2010.
News/News Feature - March 2006 Issue, Posted Mar 16, 2006