Wayne Cichanski

Wayne Cichanski is senior director of search strategy at iQuanti, Inc. Cichanski is also the senior director leading iQuanti’s search business strategically and tactically. He has helped iQuanti become a top New York digital agency that delivers advanced data driven digital marketing solutions to Fortune 100 brands such as American Express, Sallie Mae and Allstate Insurance. 

Articles by Wayne Cichanski

The notion that we can simply place keywords in our HTML to rise in Google's ranking is so 90s. While it is true that Google does not read the keywords within the HTML, putting the weight on specified keywords, like it used to do in years past for direct ranking purposes, they are still far from dead. The truth is that we do not control keywords, and we should not be targeting an individual keyword as an isolated search strategy. Rather, keywords should be used to guide us in topical relevance that provides a great customer experience.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jul 19, 2017