Sergio Restrepo

Sergio Restrepo is the vice president of digital marketing business development at Lionbridge. Sergio is a digital marketing expert who understands how to craft digital strategies to create human brands. After ten years working in digital marketing, Sergio understands just what makes customers tick and that is an authentic and human connection with brands. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Sergio has cemented himself as one of the key players in the digital marketing sphere building strong development strategies and integrating creative digital solutions for brands. 

Articles by Sergio Restrepo

As Olympic athletes and spectators unite, representing more than 200 countries and speaking 180+ languages, the games become more than an athletic competition--they are a celebration of the world's cultures and heritages. This can create challenges for Olympic brands and marketers alike who must create and distribute content that resonates equally with an incredibly diverse audience. As a result, brands are looking to translation strategies and solutions to help facilitate unity at the summer games and create camaraderie and shared experiences around this special event.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Aug 12, 2016