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Russell Sparkman is CEO, Content Strategy at Fusion SparkMedia. Russell lays down some Blues/Rock funk. He keeps FSM's rhythm, too!

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I never was any good at Name That Tune. However, I have become quite good at the "Will You Succeed at Content Marketing?" game. It works like this. Just by listening to the "first few notes" of what a prospect has to say about themselves, their business, their company, or their department, I can detect whether or not they have a better than 50-50 chance of succeeding at content marketing.
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Apr 27, 2017
The failure to succeed in content marketing is quite often due to a crisis in confidence. And this crisis in confidence can lead to giving up too soon on your content marketing strategy and activities. I believe that this happens in large part due to an overall lack of appreciation that producing any content -- text, illustrations, infographics, slide decks, podcasts, photos, and video -- is an art.
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Mar 30, 2017
Consistently, the Content Marketing Institute's Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends reports for B2B and B2C have revealed the strong connection between success in content marketing and the existence of a documented content strategy. And the findings completely agree with what we've experienced with clients. In other words, those who have had any degree of success have succeeded because they've had a documented strategy that they've followed.
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Feb 23, 2017
As 2016 wound down, we received a number of requests, ranging from a major Washington DC-based nonprofit to a nationwide insurance company, as well as a number of small businesses asking for what we think is best described as Content Marketing Coaching. Rather, they were looking for someone to help them validate what they're doing, to stay on track, and to be there to keep them emotionally vested in the work.
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Jan 26, 2017
Therefore, from a content strategy point of view, "What's our purpose?" is the most pragmatic question you can ask yourself and your team from the outset of a content marketing initiative. We call this "Purpose-focused Content Marketing."
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Oct 06, 2016
One of the videos is a self-produced video that Rand and his team created at Moz, an SEO technology firm, and the other is a video that my agency produced of him speaking at one of our events several years ago. These two videos provide an opportunity to discuss the value of producing presentation videos, at two distinctly different levels of production value.
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Sep 01, 2016
With so much variation in the approaches to video, it's no wonder that content marketers are faced with challenges about how to produce quality video products.This is the first of several posts about video that we'll share to help lift the veil on how videos are produced by examining the anatomy of video approaches that are commonly used in content marketing. Our objective with this series of posts is to help you: plan for and produce video; speak the lingo of video production with video providers; learn how to buy from and work with video service providers.
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Aug 04, 2016
True content marketing, therefore, is the antithesis of "random acts of content." True content marketing means a wholesale commitment to systematic editorial planning, publication and distribution of content to achieve business outcomes (i.e. sales, fundraising), a commitment that requires structural, cultural, and systematic changes in order to achieve content marketing's full potential. This means that the following essentials should be understood and accepted before a business should even begin thinking about writing a blog, shooting a video, recording a podcast, or producing an infographic.
Column/Pragmatic Content Marketing - Posted Jul 07, 2016