Mark Aiello

Mark Aiello joined Lionbridge in 2016 as Vice President and General Manager of Regulated Industries, a high-growth business unit within Lionbridge's organization. Prior to joining Lionbridge, Mark was most recently Vice President and General Manager, Virtual Data Room Solutions at RR Donnelley, leading that full-service SaaS offering from platform launch in 2008 to a $50 million business unit.

Articles by Mark Aiello

Our world is increasingly connected, and the impact of globalization reaches organizations in all market sectors. It's easier than ever for companies across industries to operate in any country throughout the world, opening up new market opportunities and chances for high returns. But organizations face a significant barrier to entry when expanding into new markets: language. Today's global economy does not operate under a single language, and organizations must be able to translate content and key materials with efficiency to comply with global regulations and effectively engage with local customers in new markets.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jul 21, 2016