Joseph Hedges

Joseph Hedges has spent over 30 years working in the design and branding industry. He currently heads the team at London-based branding company, Garden, functioning as both Creative Director and CEO. His multidisciplinary background enables him to join the dots of consumer experience and offer a three-dimensional experience to all his customers. An award-winning brand specialist, Joseph lectures at industry events and was a guest expert on Channel 4’s Super Shoppers. 

Articles by Joseph Hedges

Understanding the difference between promoting a brand and selling it is critical to your company's success. Blog posts and articles that stagnate on your Facebook page will not entice the consumer to look in more detail at the services you provide. Even worse, once you get a reputation for low engagement, social media will start to restrict your audience, creating a vicious cycle that is hard to break.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jul 15, 2016