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Let's be clear. Before going into the do's and don'ts of wearables and whether or not companies should dive in, the reality of this technology is that no one truly knows all the possibilities wearables present to consumers and brands. What we can all agree on is that the humans interact with our smart devices is about to evolve leaps and bounds.
Editorial/Sponsored Guest Commentary - Posted May 26, 2015
The fact is, Google ranking directly impacts businesses' ability to attract customers and make money - that's real. According to a 2014 Advanced Web Ranking study, more than 71 percent of searched lead to an organic click for sites on Google's first page of search results. That was only true for 5.59 percent of searches on the second and third results pages. Additionally, and even more compelling, the first five results on a search page account for more than 67 percent of all clicks. That's even more real.Here's the good news. Even sites behind on mobile-optimization will have an opportunity to take action and make the necessary upgrades without any permanent damage. There are five things Vokal recommends that you do right now to navigate the changes and improve your site's performance. Read on to learn more...,
Editorial/Sponsored Guest Commentary - Posted May 15, 2015