Angie Dixon

Angie Dixon writes about marketing, creativity, and anything else that catches her interest. The author of the creativity handbook The Leonardo Trait, Angie lives in Arkansas with her husband and two children.

Articles by Angie Dixon

Wiley has transformed from a publisher to an "e-learning company" and it's using Adobe XD to facilitate collaboration and content transformation.
News/News Feature - Autumn 2019 Issue, Posted Nov 04, 2019
The American Journalism Project is a venture philanthropy organization trying to boost local journalism and increase the visibility and understanding of civic journalism as a public good.
News/News Feature - Posted Apr 01, 2019
People are different--that's not news to anyone. However, content creators and marketers may be surprised by how these individual differences affect search queries. A recent Blue Nile Research study, "Psychology of the Searcher," observed people as they searched for information online and found some significant differences between what people search for and how sites create content.
News/News Feature - July/August 2015 Issue, Posted Jul 13, 2015
What happens when five powerful publishers band together to form a programmatic ad network, allowing advertisers to buy advertising space on The Economist, CNN International, The Guardian, Reuters, and Financial Times? The short answer is Pangaea. A longer answer, or at least longer-term one, is that no one is quite sure yet.
News/News Feature - Posted Jun 08, 2015
The digital revolution arrived and has settled in to stay. According to Comscore, mobile device use exceeded desktop and laptop use in early January, 2014 and mobile devices continue to see more use than computers. As consumers increasingly shift to mobile devices to consume content, publishers have taken steps to make their content more accessible on mobile devices. Unfortunately, as a recent study points out, many content publishers who think they're providing a positive user experience on various devices are unaware how poorly their content performs on mobile phones and tablets. Business and tech news sites illustrate how pervasive and serious the gap can be between the desktop experience and the mobile experience.
News/News Feature - Posted Mar 27, 2015