Apoorv Durga

Apoorv Durga is an analyst at The Real Story Group. He covers search, web content and experience management, portals, digital marketing, social media monitoring, mobile and SharePoint.

Articles by Apoorv Durga

If you are involved with any type of enterprise software, you've probably considered some sort of cloud-based deployment model. Publishing is no different, and in Real Story Group's numerous advisory engagements with customers, discussions about the cloud are becoming increasingly common.
Editorial/Feature - June 2014 Issue, Posted Jun 04, 2014
With mobile devices outselling traditional computers, mobility has clearly become an enterprise concern. Whether customer-facing or employee-facing, converting key services and information to mobile-friendly experiences is no longer optional. The marketplace offers a wide variety of tools that can help you go mobile. These range from simpler tools that help you quickly "mobilize" existing sites to more sophisticated tools that allow you to create complex mobile apps, including specialized native apps for specific mobile devices.
Editorial/Feature - March 2014 Issue, Posted Mar 05, 2014