Matthew Grocki

Matthew is founder and principal of Grass Fed Content - a content strategy consultancy helping businesses create and maintain sustainable content, optimize editorial workflow, and implement content efficiencies. He advocates content stewardship by raising awareness for the internal value and cost savings of sane content practices.

Matthew is helping businesses such as Veracode, Cisco, NASDAQ OMX, Dell, and Covidien streamline their content practices and improve operational efficiencies.

Matthew is an active member in the content strategy community, speaking throughout the country, as well as co-organizing Content Strategy of New England. When not working with his clients, Matthew blogs at, hacks up his local golf course, and prays for snow in the mountains. 

Articles by Matthew Grocki

My favorite part of any do-it-yourself show is the demolition. "Get all your aggression out," the bubbly host proclaims just before the token newlywed fumbles with the sledgehammer. I'm not alone because every one of these shows dedicates a segment to displaying a plume of dust. After all, you can't appreciate the shiny new kitchen if you don't show the studs and decaying wallpaper first. Why don't we extend the same logic to the new content we create on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis?
Column/Natural Content Practices - September 2014 Issue, Posted Sep 16, 2014
Change is a part of life--people are dynamic by nature. We evolve, for better or worse. The very idea of change often serves as the barometer for how far we've strayed from that high school self we remember, but no longer clearly identify with. No matter how far we stray from that bygone persona, we rarely leave behind many of the natural tendencies that define who we are. The pink hair you sported for your Sweet 16 has given way to a carefully manicured pixie cut, but your laugh hasn't changed. The Camaro IROC-Z may be long gone, but you still reach for your favorite leather jacket. No matter how much we distance or embrace our past, the natural character that defines us rarely departs.
Column/Natural Content Practices - April 2014 Issue, Posted Apr 15, 2014