Angelika Joachimowicz

Angelika Joachimowicz is an SEO Analyst at iProspect, a digital agency in Canada. Passionate about the ever-evolving means of communication, she hopes to build her repertoire in digital marketing. Her interests stem from visual culture and photography, combining the written word with the poignant visual.

Articles by Angelika Joachimowicz

Digital marketing business models are in a constant state of flux as technological advances continue to shape and re-shape how customers engage with companies online and off. If you compare current marketing strategies to even just a few years ago, a lot has changed. When considering marketing channels, it is imperative to think broadly. The distinctions between digital channels are increasingly blurred.In most cases, within an organization, digital marketing is performed in silos. Integrated marketing strategies -- you know the ones that incorporate the best of both worlds -- are often dismissed or poorly devised through no real fault of their own. How does a company shift gears in a landscape that is vast and in continuous cycles of change?
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Jan 20, 2014