Mina Seetharaman

Mina Seetharaman is one of the executive directors of OgilvyOne's Content Marketing and Advanced Video Practices. In her 8 years with Ogilvy, Mina's clients have included American Express, SAP, Dove, Kraft, and Time Warner Cable. Prior to her time at Ogilvy, she worked at IconNicholson (now LBi) and The New York Times Digital.

Articles by Mina Seetharaman

For a brand, figuring out how to leverage content as part of a marketing communications plan can be daunting. Just keeping your website fresh and relevant can be a challenge, not to mention all the social platforms you need to maintain. Then, there are also all the types of content to consider. But there are ways to determine how often, where, and what to publish. The key is to think of content marketing as being like dating; you just have to pay attention to what the other person is telling you.
Editorial/Commentary - December 2013 Issue, Posted Dec 16, 2013