George Kozlov

George Kozlov is a software engineering guru. He specializes in software research, architecture and maintenance. He co-founded Semantria, and is currently their CTO and go-to guy when things need improving.

Articles by George Kozlov

Machines are a large part of our world, just not in the post-apocalyptic sense. Don't believe me? Take a quick count of how many iDevices, Android, handheld, or other systems you own. I bet it's more than you thought. I myself own two laptops, a smartphone, a tablet, and an "intelligent" thermostat. The first thing machines need is advanced speech-to-text, what we humans like to call "ears". Machines need to be able to recognize the sounds coming at them, and differentiate between human sounds and other sounds. Then they need to understand the words themselves, and transcribe them to text with extreme accuracy. There's a ton of software out there like Apple's Siri, Nuance, Voci, and more, that already do this very well.
Editorial/Sponsored Guest Commentary - Posted Nov 11, 2013