Martina Tomaschowski

Martina Tomaschowski has been in senior roles in the software industry for 15 years and has wide experience in knowledge management, content management, multi-channel response management and social media analysis. She is vice president marketing with Empolis Information Management, which provides smart information management solutions which analyse, interpret and automatically process the increasing amount of unstructured data with the help of semantic and linguistic technologies.

Articles by Martina Tomaschowski

Big data is a huge "hype" subject. In fact, the term is rather misleading because it seems to relate to data quantity only, while ignoring the heterogeneous nature of data. Accordingly, the general definition of "big data", as suggested by Gartner, also considers the complexity and variability of data, and the relevance of highly heterogeneous and unstructured information and how it can be analyzed in various forms.
Editorial/Sponsored Guest Commentary - Posted Nov 18, 2013
One of the biggest challenges publishers face today is finding the ideal approach to transforming traditional publishing methods into a modern, customer-oriented, multi-channel publishing system, in order to survive in tomorrow's publishing world. Rapidly changing technologies and media are pushing publishers to decide quickly on their digital publishing strategy. Yet, how do they know that their approach will consistently deliver outstanding content quality in the future, thereby guaranteeing profitable business?
Editorial/Sponsored Guest Commentary - Posted Oct 14, 2013