Jessica Payne

Jessica spearheads digital strategy and marketing, including integrated content for PAN Communications. Years spent integrating off- and online PR/Marketing campaigns for US and international clients gives Jessica's clients an authentic, competitive edge that's been recognized in both her published work and panels.

Jessica developed PANoptic, PAN's holistic measurement offering. An industry measurement expert, Jessica speaks regularly on the subject around the US as a moderator and panelist. Jessica's 5-step measurement methodology is a featured chapter in the 2013 PR News Digital Guidebook.

An avid blogger, Jessica's posts on digital strategy have been featured in PR News, BostInno, Mashable, and Social Media Today among others. Jessica is a diversity advocate, featured panelist and past instructor for the University of California Irvine. Jessica also sits on the communications committee for Pointe Foundation of Boston.

Articles by Jessica Payne

Social media stops for no man, but what if resources are suddenly scarce due to an unforeseen crisis? Here are four things you can do to keep digital communities humming along even if the "front office" is temporarily closed.
News/News Feature - Posted Oct 23, 2013
Digital Media has forever changed the way we manage and measure PR and marketing campaigns. I live and breathe social media and advocate leveraging easy to use platforms to engage, publish, and provide access between organizations and their key stakeholders, but at some point we need stop and think about the effectiveness of the content we push out. How does one know if their campaign is truly enhancing interactions or reaching key stakeholders? The key is to measure.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Aug 28, 2013