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Drew Bedard is the senior director of brand management at Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway and is responsible for the team that handles the advertising, marketing, and branded content. This includes websites, publications, mobile applications, the brand blog and more. Drew has spent more than 10 years in the marketing and sports arenas and brings an insider's take to EContent. Drew is married, with two children and blogs at DrewBedard.com.

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It's pretty obvious that Jerry Seinfeld knows what he is doing when it comes to the entertainment business. After Seinfeld wrapped in 1998, there was not much left to do. TV Guide labeled Seinfeld's collaboration with Larry David "The greatest TV show of all time."
Column/The Digital Race - October 2015 Issue, Posted Oct 20, 2015
Sure, you need content on your site and channels, but have you thought through everything before you haul off and post a 500 word article? Or a 2 minute video? Well, before that piece of content can spread awareness and build trust, you must first consider four key factors.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted May 28, 2015
Sure, using video for brand content has been around for a while. Short films, ads, and brand videos have been part of our lexicon for some time--but I believe we are coming into a video revolution, the likes of which we have not yet seen. Access to the tools necessary to create a kick-butt video campaign are getting cheaper, better, and more accessible by the day.
Column/The Digital Race - May 2015 Issue, Posted May 19, 2015
Facebook's stronghold over the biggest network of connected people gives it the freedom to make the rules as it goes along. When the rule became "pay to play," brands ponied up the dough. And, ladies and gentlemen, this is not going to stop. But this leads me to my greater point: Don't rent a home for your marketing efforts, start building one.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Apr 30, 2015
Content Marketing is not about production. High level executives hell bent on production over substance constantly ask, "What else are we doing?" Then they want you to draw up some elaborate content calendar that "says" that you are going to do something every day. This is wrong and should stop.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Mar 19, 2015
Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, did something recently that I never thought I would see again in my lifetime. This moment gave me such joy that it was almost embarrassing. What made this magical eight minutes of late night TV so amazing was that Jimmy Fallon made a dream come true for all of us kids who were glued to every episode of Saved By the Bell in the late 80's and early 90's. Fallon, who is notorious for his YouTube gems, amazed and fascinated me. I watched the video three or four times.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Feb 19, 2015
Gone are the days of the Mad Men of Madison Avenue. Sad as it is, not only is the midday drinking and smoking gone for good (mostly anyway), but the ads of old are gone as well. Advertising in 1950, 1960, and beyond, was about a cheesy, geo-blanketed, retail-heavy message. And that is where the paradigm shift comes into play. Smart advertisers are now focusing on a different form of advertising. And it looks a lot like its marketing brother from another mother, content marketing.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Jan 22, 2015
It's time to face facts: Everything is a numbers game. From fantasy football to digital advertising campaigns, we yearn for more numbers and more analytics. Content marketing is no different. On a podcast called ConversionCast (it's a great one if you haven't subscribed), the host Tim Paige and guest Brian Dean (from Backlinko) spent an entire episode talking through the tactics and metrics behind a single post from Dean that garnered more than 5,000 shares on social media.
Column/The Digital Race - December 2014 Issue, Posted Dec 30, 2014
Podcasting is all the rage right now. And no, not because Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Clark, and Pat Flynn are doing it (and have been doing it) it's because of one simple reason: Podcasting is a cross-channel content powerhouse. With pundits and experts dubbing today as the content era, thousands are flocking to the platform for several reasons. Let's examine the "why" behind this phenomenon.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Dec 23, 2014
This online content thing is not as hard as everyone thinks. Don't get me wrong...it can, at times, be tough. Tough to get traffic. But I recently learned a universal law from my last post: the more you give, the more you get. In that last column, "8 Things I Learned from Analyzing My Tweets", I learned this incredibly valuable lesson. By simply relaying to the audience what I learned from a basic Twitter analysis (which provided tactical value and actionable content), I was rewarded with over 900 shares. More plainly put, I took the modest information from my head and shared it with an audience hungry for tips and tricks.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Nov 25, 2014
I recently took a look at my Twitter analytics to understand what's working and what's not. I don't do this as much as I should.It turned out to be an extremely helpful exercise, and I learned a few things. Now I am sharing what I learned with you in the eight findings below.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Oct 23, 2014
The word "tribe" has become all the rage in marketing circles. Let's first start with the technical definition according to Google Dictionary: A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.
Column/The Digital Race - October 2014 Issue, Posted Oct 14, 2014
There is large chasm between the people we know, like, and trust in this world versus everyone else. This is the same with brands. Let's look at a couple examples to expound upon these important human emotions, ones that drive not only our affection for each other, but for the people and brands we follow. Take our families for instance. Our families are people we trust. If I wander out into traffic, my brother will jump in front of the car to save me. I trust that. We know them, and their darkest secrets. Their hopes and dreams. And in most cases, we like them. We enjoy their humor, their hugs, and their smiles. Brands fight for this same sort of neurological real estate.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Sep 25, 2014
When that content is finished, and ready for the world to see, we want to put our best foot forward. We not only want to present it in a way that we are happy with but we need to present it in a way that ensures the most amount of attention is paid to it. There are many different tools to make sure your content gets its due, but today we will focus on six.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Jul 24, 2014
Great content creation does not have to start with being a great writer. Let's take me for instance: I am a husband and father in my mid-30's with little time on my hands for anything outside of family, church, and work. Literally, that's about all I can handle. But you are asking yourself, how did you become such a damn good writer? (Thank you by the way). And how do you make time for it in your tremendously busy schedule? Well friends, here is my secret: I study copywriting.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Jun 26, 2014
When I became an adult and started working in a field I was truly passionate about (male modeling, of course -- just kidding), marketing, I realized there was one thing all professionals agreed on. To be taken seriously in this (or any) game, you must be constantly honing your craft. Sharpening your saw. In other words, constant education is a must.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted May 27, 2014
Commerce is a race. Hopefully, a race to the top, but for some, it's a race to the bottom. Seth Godin has written about the race to the bottom multiple times. He states that "the problem with the race to the bottom is sometimes you might win." And he doesn't mean that as a good thing. "Someone," he says, "will always find a way to be cheaper or more brutal than you to win. You might make a few more bucks for now, but not for long and not with pride." Profound words from a smart marketer.
Column/The Digital Race - May 2014 Issue, Posted May 20, 2014
Social media is one of those areas in business which is as close to a continuing education program as you can get. With the social giants changing their bells and whistles on what seems like a weekly basis, you have to stay tuned in. Like anything else, to perfect your craft, you must study, practice, and observe what the best do.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Apr 24, 2014
I dedicate this column to Reese Bobby and his everlasting wisdom. I am, of course, not a semi-professional race car driver (sorry for the disappointment, but the tattoo thing is true), but I am a semi-professional social media expert. So, I am here today to give the neophytes a little lesson in how and where to share your content on social media. In this month's edition we will be covering two social media platforms with four more to follow next month.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Mar 27, 2014
Trouble: That's what most businesses are in these days because of declining sales and eroding brands. Twenty-first century challenges have left marketing departments wondering what the fix is or where their solution lies. Providing value is nothing new. However, today's economic conditions and the rapid rise of a more finicky consumer has the buzzword of the day, content, in the mainstream marketing conversation.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Feb 27, 2014
Find the resources and the tools that inspire you. One might think this is weird but Google Analytics inspires me. It challenges me to think about ways to solve the daily riddles of business. For example, "what page on my website creates the highest conversions, yet sees less than 5% of the traffic." I suddenly feel like Edward Nigma from Batman. Questions such as those keep me up nights.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Jan 30, 2014
You may have heard a rumor that Facebook is dying. Millennials are supposedly ditching the platform. Because grandparents are flocking to the service others are leaving in droves. Don't believe the hype. To misquote Mark Twain, the rumors of Facebook's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Your goal, like many content creators is clicks, right? Attention, time, trust, affinity. Right? Look no further than Facebook. But (caveat coming) bring your wallet.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Dec 26, 2013
Email marketing is on everyone's mind these days. But when it comes to open rates, it isn't so much of a content discussion as it is a context discussion. From corporate marketers to internet gurus, the term "email marketing" appears in articles and podcasts about as often as the term "content marketing."
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Nov 26, 2013
Supply and demand is a theory explaining the interaction between the supply of a resource and the demand for that resource, and it applies here. The law describes the interaction between and effect of the availability of a particular product and the desire for that product. Plainly put, when opportunity hits (and it so rarely does), the business owner, marketer or quarterback must be there to meet it with a content piece or an accurate pass to capitalize on it. If not, it is an opportunity lost.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Oct 24, 2013
Content marketing, analytics, creative strategy. Complicated, right? The process maybe, but the end goal needs to be simple. Start with the end in mind. What is your goal? What is the desired outcome? Start there and work backwards.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Sep 26, 2013
A few years ago, I read a good book called It's Not the Big That Eat the Small...It's the Fast That Eat the Slow: How to Use Speed as a Competitive Tool by Jason Jennings. He and his co-authors give us 26 strategies and tactics for how companies big and small use speed as a winning tactic. If you examine these business strategies, they no doubt hold merit. But in this day of incredibly high consumer expectations, I argue it's not the fast eating the slow, it's the slow that eat the fast.
Column/The Digital Race - Posted Aug 27, 2013
If you weren't able to tune into the first ever EContent Live Google Hangout, you can still watch. Listen to EContent columnists, and content experts Jose Castillo, Scott Abel, and Drew Bedard discuss whether or not Facebook makes you sad, if Gmail is killing e-mail marketing, the importance of context, and the truth about responsive design.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Aug 16, 2013