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Bree Brouwer is a freelance writer. You can find out more about Bree on the writer's site.

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The amount of data produced each day is staggering. In fact, the Harvard Business Review points out that "more data cross the internet every second than were stored in the entire internet just 20 years ago." Because of this, internet users experience "information overload," where they become overwhelmed with the bevy of information available -- even pushed on them -- through multiple technologies.
News/News Feature - Posted Jan 24, 2014
Any international enterprise knows that, in the global market, translation capabilities are integral to continued success. While many businesses have grasped the importance of translating their products and services for non-English markets, they have often ignored the flip-side of that task: translating content produced by their non-English speaking customers.
News/News Feature - Posted Jun 21, 2013