Matt M. Casey

Matt M. Casey is a freelance writer based outside of Boston. His work has appeared in publications including Geek, The Hanover Evening Sun, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. He once won a Keystone press award. He now focuses his writing on science and technology. You can follow his dispatches from the cutting edge at

Articles by Matt M. Casey

Citrix's marketing team had outgrown its old web platform. For about 7 years, all Citrix product websites followed rigid templates. Building any customization beyond text and images could take weeks to process as the marketing team sent requests to the development team, who would then hand code the changes. The arrangement rendered last-minute alterations difficult or impossible and sometimes resulted in product launch delays. As the web has grown more rich, fast-paced, and socially focused, Citrix's marketing team needed a more agile and flexible website-building tool.
Editorial/Case Studies - Posted Jun 12, 2013