John Mancini

John Mancini is president and CEO of AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management and author of "#OccupyIT - A Technology Manifesto for Cloud, Mobile and Social Era as well as publisher of the AIIM Executive Leadership Council report "The Big Data Balancing Act: Too Much Yin and Not Enough Yang" at"

Articles by John Mancini

Mobile and cloud are the twin drivers that are changing the ECM world as we know it. As users increasingly demand access on the move, however there are still many issues to resolve between traditional back-office systems and the mobile world before enterprises will step out of their comfort zone.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Oct 16, 2015
Content analytics is fast becoming a pivotal business tool as companies work to get the most value from their data as possible. But they will only get the maximum return from their investment if they plan, plan, and plan again.We should all be aware of the impact content analytics tools are having on the enterprise. Organizations are placing increasing importance on the value of big data in the decision making process and there are few successful enterprises out there today who don't try and make some sense of the data they hold.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Aug 17, 2015
Business today is all about collaboration and technology has been the great enabler. Why? Because a fundamental requirement of collaboration is communication. John Mancini, president of AIIM, the global community of information management professionals, explains.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Aug 18, 2014
As businesses try to make sense of big data, I'm reminded of how contradictory forces can bring balance to a situation in order to move it forward. In my opinion, there is an over-emphasis on the technology side of big data, and not enough focus on the business side.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted May 22, 2013