Forrest Wright

Forrest Wright works for Thomson Reuters, where he manages the delivery of research datasets to university customers. Additionally, he possess a Master's
degree in library and information science. Wright lives in Philadelphia and is expanding his writing portfolion.

Articles by Forrest Wright

Even if you don't work in higher education, you're probably aware that most US universities are facing unprecedented challenges, and are, rightly, nervous about their future. The most immediate challenge, strained funding, has been well documented by the media since the recent recession. However, over the past year, a great deal of coverage has also been paid to disruptive models for delivering educational content. Many education experts predict that in the future, these new models will remove students from the traditional college track. This longer-term threat represents a huge concern for higher education administrators, as their approach to learning has been legitimately challenged by innovative solutions ready to meet the huge demand for quality educational content.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Feb 08, 2013