Eric Fulmer

Eric Fulmer has been a pioneer in digital asset workflow since the early 1990s when he joined the US distributor of Fujifilm's DS-100, one of the first professional digital camera systems on the market. He then joined Fuji's fledgling Electronic & Applied Imaging Division where he worked with clients including Smithsonian Institution, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and major corporations as they began to implement digital imaging. Later Eric worked at both Leaf and Phase One, leaders in high resolution digital capture systems and image processing workflow. He also piloted DAM integrations at major government institutions including the US Air Force, US Navy Visual News Service and Defense Intelligence Agency.

Currently Eric is with RealTime Process LLC, a new player in creative workflow software offering an integrated modular suite of tools that takes a holistic approach to accelerating the entire creative process.

Articles by Eric Fulmer

Despite over two decades of awareness that digital assets present a unique and critical challenge for organizations of every size and shape, effective Digital Asset Management (DAM) remains more fantasy than reality. Some organizations have invested significant resources with mediocre results, while many others limp along with folders on a server and the never-ending problem of too many versions in too many places.Rather than throwing in the towel, here are five tips that bring a new perspective to battling the "asset proliferation" monster.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Jan 29, 2013