Jenka Eusebio

Jenka Eusebio is a founding member and staff writer for Appazoogle, a blog dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and the publishing industry.

Articles by Jenka Eusebio

Close your eyes and say it out loud: book.Now what do you see? When we call something a book, an expectation automatically bubbles to the surface, nurtured by centuries of collective historical memory. The name evokes a specific shape, structure, and format - not to mention an entire catalogue of sensory details. There is romance in its tangibility. Ebook naysayers and wary bibliophiles often refer to the feel and smell of a book, claiming how such simple pleasures are irreplaceable. Perhaps they are.
Column/Dispatches from Digital Natives - Posted Nov 01, 2012
But in light of the e-reader revolution, the great literary debate arose: is the book beyond improvement?I have come to believe that the argument is more philosophically stimulating than truly helpful in the process of content creation. What we have before us is not a matter of improvement, but evolution. We're talking about technology after all. The enhanced ebook may be a bird of a different feather but it still needs two good wings if it's going to fly: a smooth user experience and, of course, a compelling story.
Column/Dispatches from Digital Natives - Posted Aug 07, 2012
As an old school bibliophile, my initial reaction to the e-reader boom was to play the dogged naysayer. And yet, simultaneously, I began to recollect my journey through music technology: "What about the sensory enjoyments of literature?" I wondered. Like many others, I relish the feel of paper against my fingertips and the scent of a new novel. (But how long has it been since I even touched a vinyl LP or heard the click of a cassette?) Why trade paper for yet another screen in my life? (I love my iPod). What about the aesthetic satisfaction of possessing a personal library? (All my CDs, which had been arranged on a dedicated shelf, now live in a shoebox...underneath my bed).
Column/Dispatches from Digital Natives - Posted Apr 17, 2012