Irina Guseva

Irina Guseva is a senior analyst with Real Story Group where she leads the WCM research stream, and regularly contributes to DAM and Digital Marketing evaluation reports, analyzing pros and cons of various systems. Guseva also advises her clients on enterprise software selection, implementation best practices, and information management/customer experience management strategy. She has more than 15 years of experience in content technologies. Guseva started her career as a journalist working in print, TV, radio, and online. Prior to joining The Real Story Group in 2011, she worked as a CMS practitioner, consultant, and industry watcher. She can be reached via twitter @irina_guseva or email.

Articles by Irina Guseva

You're responsible for procuring and implementing a new software technology project within your organization. Maybe, it's a new ECM, WCM, or DAM system. You identified your stakeholders, got the budget in your pocket, and lined up a technology selection consultant. Missing anything? Some organizations tend to overlook or underestimate internal change management issues. And any new software being introduced is a major change for any organization, small or big. Here are some helpful tips on how to manage change in enterprise technology projects.
Column/Technology Watch - March 2014 Issue, Posted Mar 11, 2014
In a typical information management technology project--be it ECM, CMS, or DAM--you, as a customer, are bound to deal with vendor services. Here are a few pointers to consider and pitfalls to avoid. First and foremost, you will be spending a lot of money on vendor professional services. Usually, customers spend more on services than software, often three times as much. To meet customers' consulting needs, most vendors maintain their own professional services (PS). There are others as well that also (or instead) may have services through a partner channel of integrators, consultancies, and resellers who can help customers implement the package.
Column/Technology Watch - December 2013 Issue, Posted Dec 17, 2013
Usually I talk about WCM on its own, but I wanted to further explore the topic of digital asset management (DAM) projects. And here is why: DAM remains one of the technologies that is most frequently integrated with WCM. Where there's text/data/info on the web, there are most likely images and videos associated with that information. DAM is prone to common implementation mistakes that can make your project seem like a complete and utter waste of money. But knowledge is power. Therefore, I'll outline some of the most common DAM project mistakes that that you can avoid them or, at least, expect them and be able to handle them gracefully.
Column/Technology Watch - September 2013 Issue, Posted Sep 10, 2013
There are many different kinds of analytics in today's world of technology and information management: web analytics, predictive analytics, social analytics, etc. If you work closely with a web CMS or an ECM system, you have probably run into the notion of content analytics. But chances are good that no one ever bothered to explain what it is exactly and how one uses it.
Column/Technology Watch - May 2013 Issue, Posted May 14, 2013
The world of enterprise content technologies has always been difficult to decipher on its own, let alone with all the acronyms flying around. Let's talk about two of them today: CXM (or CEM) and WCM (or WCXM, or WEM for some).Many organizations nowadays are paying heightened attention to the matters of CXM (Customer Experience Management), and not only because it is one of the buzziest acronyms in the industry. It is also because the crucial importance of retaining and acquiring customers in the impatient and fast-moving internet age is being realized more fully.
Column/Technology Watch - January/February 2013 Issue, Posted Jan 29, 2013
In Part 1, I started discussing some of the most common reasons why content management system (CMS) projects fail. We covered change management, buying the wrong CMS, and lack of implementation resources. Onward!
Column/Technology Watch - December 2012 Issue, Posted Dec 13, 2012
CMS projects fail. The majority don't go according to the plan. Very few are representative of a truly successful web content and experience management system implementation. Others just never take off.The software has been purchased, training conducted, iterations started, but there's still nothing to show to the executive sponsors. A year goes by, and frustrations build up. Integrators come and go, and consultants are parachuted in to put out fires. Internally, the organization loses hope of ever seeing any useful output from the CMS and declares it dead. Champagne, anyone?
Column/Technology Watch - September 2012 Issue, Posted Sep 11, 2012
Digital asset management (DAM) and web content management (WCM) have a long history together: the partners, the rivals, surviving the big divide between the two, and crashing in unison like two waves in the era of converging enterprise technologies.
Column/Technology Watch - May 2012 Issue, Posted May 15, 2012
Investment in any enterprise technology is a big financial undertaking for most organizations, and web content management is no exception. Very often web CMS selection and implementation projects start when a lot of money has already been spent on a content management system that is no longer working (or has never worked) for the organization and its business goals. It's not an easy stroll down memory lane when you have to convince the executive echelon you need more money, yet again, for a different CMS.
Column/Technology Watch - January/February 2012 Issue, Posted Feb 07, 2012
When I think of digital publishing over the next year and beyond, I see three trends dominating the landscape: mobility, ubiquity, and touchability. User-generated content (UGC), social sharing, and social advertising are replacing the old-world concepts of traditional advertising. Your technology (today or tomorrow) should be able to support this paradigm shift.
Column/Technology Watch - December 2011 Issue, Posted Dec 13, 2011