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Danielle Monroe is a freelance writer living and working in Massachusetts.

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Live sports have long gotten credit for keeping cable customers subscribing. With almost everything else streaming on websites such as Hulu, sporting events have often resisted the call of the web. That has been changing, little by little. Earlier this year, the Super Bowl was streamed live on the web, and now, NBC is upping its streaming game during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The network announced earlier this year that all 32 Olympic events will be streamed on NBCOlympics.com. While this is great news for cord-cutters and those looking to view their favorite events on their smartphones and tablets--and at work--NBC's decision does come with a few caveats.
News/News Feature - June 2012 Issue, Posted Jun 25, 2012
Everyone knows there is money to be made in online and platform-based video, but finding ways to profit from your favorite streaming clips, shows, and games is not enough. In November Bain & Co., one of the world's largest business consulting firms, surveyed more than 3,000 consumers in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. regarding online video, revealing some interesting findings.
News/News Feature - January/February 2012 Issue, Posted Feb 15, 2012
You would be hard-pressed to find anything that has changed the way we communicate and share information more than social networking sites. No matter how much change these sites have spurred, the world of social networking has been undergoing its own overhaul in 2011. The introduction of Google+ and f8 caused plenty of discussion and, in some cases, public outcry. Myspace drew new interest from investors with a push to become an "entertainment portal," but 2012 just might be the year we find out who the winners and losers of the battle may be.
News/News Feature - December 2011 Issue, Posted Dec 07, 2011
Ireland, once seen as country with an economy based solely on manufacturing, has blossomed into what some call "the Internet capital of Europe." Many of the top tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, Zynga, PopCap, IBM, Microsoft, Apple and HP, have international offices in Ireland, an otherwise relatively small country. In September Twitter announced its plans to locate an international office on the green isle, tweeting "Ireland is trending. Twitter to establish international office in Dublin. #idairl". According to Emmanuel Dowdall, global department manager for content, consumer and business services for the Industrial Development Agency Ireland (IDA), that announcement was re-tweeted over 650,000 times.
News/News Feature - Posted Nov 28, 2011
Over the past four years daily deal sites have flooded the marketplace. As of July 2011, daily deal aggregator Yipit has tracked over 650 group-buy and flash sale sites, with dozens more joining the already crowded discount field each month. With an easy to enter marketplace and revenues expected to reach $10 billion by 2015, the incentive to join in the group-buy and flash sale boom is great—but not every site can be effective and profitable.
News/News Feature - Posted Oct 04, 2011