Christine McCluskey

Christine McCluskey lives in New Jersey, where she is a student in the Master of Library and Information Science program at Rutgers University. She was a reporter for the Journal Inquirer of Manchester, Conn. for seven years.

Articles by Christine McCluskey

Word-of-mouth has long been the best way to advertise a product, but how long does that buzz last -- especially in the digital age? A new study says that customers-turned-volunteer "brand advocates" are still much more likely to buy and recommend products than they were before they got involved in the marketing campaign a year before.
News/News Feature - March 2012 Issue, Posted Mar 19, 2012
When the Pew Internet & American Life Project first measured gender differences in online social networking in 2005, only 9% of men and 6% of women who went online used social networking websites. Since then, millions more Americans have signed up on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. There has been another change in this statistical picture as well: For a few years now, women have been more likely than men to be online social networkers. According to the most recent Pew survey, from May of this year, 69% of women who are online use social networking sites, compared to 60% of men. Women also are more active on these sites; for example, 18% of women Facebook users update their statuses at least daily, compared to 11% of men.
News/News Feature - November 2011 Issue, Posted Nov 23, 2011
Ebooks make up just a fraction of today's global book market, but they are already driving dramatic changes in the publishing industry, a new Outsell, Inc. report says. Last year, 5.2% of book sales worldwide were ebooks - $3.9 billion out of a $75.8 billion total market, according to Outsell's estimates. That represents a 64.2% increase for ebook sales over 2009. Ebook sales will continue to grow at steep rates from year to year, and will reach $12.7 billion, 16.1% of the market, in 2013, Outsell predicts.
News/News Feature - Posted Jul 26, 2011