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Tracy Wu Fastenberg works and lives in Connecticut.

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The American Kennel Club (AKC) wanted to build a unique site celebrating and serving all dog owners and dog lovers, sharing information and stories in an engaging and social fashion. This was the impetus for creating WOOFipedia, the AKC's new site for canine enthusiasts. It includes interactive snippets of information, videos, breed profiles, photo contests, games to earn "woof points," and quizzes. All of these components come together in a youthful, fresh design that's focused on the user and dog. The AKC wanted a fun, interactive addition to the site and the WOOFipedia brand that would also allow the organization to monetize this otherwise free site and service.
Editorial/Case Studies - Posted May 02, 2014
The library at Olin College serves as an integral part of students' education by helping them to achieve critical research and information literacy competency, adhering to standards set forth by various academic associations. Olin's library wanted a different method of teaching these skills, one that coincided with the college's unique teaching approach of classroom experiences blended with digital exercises and tools. This original method was designed using a Microsoft Word document, a PDF, and a course libguide. These proved awkward for students to use, and the Olin team members realized they needed something more streamlined for more effective learning.
Editorial/Case Studies - September 2013 Issue, Posted Sep 16, 2013
With no traditional sales department, Atlassian's primary marketing and sales tool is its website, As its array of products grew, the company's sales and marketing needs broadened, meaning it needed to easily add new content to its site. The process for adding new, dynamic web content via thousands of JavaServer Pages (JSP) was not efficient enough to keep pace with the demands of a growing business operating in an international, global market. Atlassian knew it needed to streamline the process quickly.
Editorial/Case Studies - Posted May 27, 2013
In 2007, Wiley acquired Blackwell Publishing, growing its Scientific, Technical, Medical, and Scholarly (STMS) content to more than 1,500 journals, 9,000-plus books, reference works, and databases offered in print and electronically. This content is invaluable to the world's research and scholarly communities, and granting permission for reuse of this information posed a great challenge for Wiley's rights and permissions team. Following the merger, Wiley was suddenly receiving hundreds of permissions requests each day, with no efficient way to provide prompt turnaround. Its former manual email-based procedure would not suffice, and Blackwell's semi-automated method was also not satisfactory. Customers and employees alike were frustrated, and Wiley knew that it needed a solution that would please everyone and streamline the process.
Editorial/Case Studies - November 2012 Issue, Posted Nov 07, 2012
Permitting for water rights is a complicated process that includes legal and scientific information, including details that describe locations, quantities, and limitations. The process can be time-consuming and confusing with standard and varying elements; every water rights situation is unique with specific characteristics but standard legal language. This leaves a great margin for error. Any error could lead to water rights disputes or, worse, lengthy legal action to resolve the situation.
Editorial/Case Studies - September 2011 Issue, Posted Sep 02, 2011
eTeacher's thousands of students come from more than 100 countries worldwide, with many different native tongues. Because of this, each school's site also needs to be translated into multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Russian, and German, in order to effectively function for its target audiences. This has resulted in eTeacher essentially maintaining nearly 20 websites worth of content.
Editorial/Case Studies - June 2011 Issue, Posted Jun 28, 2011