Alyssa Scott

Alyssa Scott is a student at Sacred Heart University and an intern with EContent Magazine.

Articles by Alyssa Scott

Good web content management (WCM) has long been an important element in the struggle to execute successful content strategies and marketing campaigns. The ability to author digital content for a worldwide audience, across a variety of platforms, has become integral to maintaining a competitive edge, which is why the design of WCM systems within the marketing industry deserves a second look.
News/News Feature - Posted Nov 29, 2011
With a demonstration at EMC World-held May 9-12 in Las Vegas-Index Engines released a new platform, the Index Engines Collection Engine, augmenting search procedures for the acceleration of back up processes and the extraction of files in a corporate environment. Collection Engine expends the full use of Data Domain, a back up platform from EMC used to sift through archived data, extracted content, and support litigation compliance.
News/News Feature - Posted May 10, 2011
MadCap Software, a multi-channel content authoring and showcase company for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft XPS, released MadCap Flare 7.0, its latest version of content authoring software, on February 28. Making strides to conquer the limitations of print-only authoring software, MadCap Flare 7.0 condenses mobile, web, and print features into what marketing manager Michael Hamilton refers to as a "one XML environment." With this new version emerging, MadCap is eliminating Blaze, the XML-based alternative to Adobe FrameMaker for long print documents.
News/News Feature - Posted Mar 01, 2011
From the dawn of time, man has felt the need to express his feelings by means of communication. Millenniums ago, cavemen shared stories around the fire. But as man evolved, so did his methods of thinking and responding to his society. Now, as marketers face an audience craving viral information, they too must adapt. Conquest Research & Consultancy Ltd., a brand and product research agency, is hoping to help marketing departments with this dilemma.
News/News Feature - June 2010 Issue, Posted Jun 09, 2010
Content management systems do not always like to play nice with each other. With the May 4 announcement of the OASIS international consortium's approval of Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) version 1.0—a new open standard that enables information to be shared across Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories from different vendors—that could all be changing.
News/News Feature - Posted May 20, 2010