Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Alan Pelz-Sharpe (APS@CMSWATCH.COM) is a principal at CMS Watch and the lead analyst of “The ECM report 2010.” The ECM Report 2010 evaluates 32 Enterprise Content Management tools and services.
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Articles by Alan Pelz-Sharpe

The term "cloud computing" has become ubiquitous in the IT world. It has stretched out into the rest of the business world too, becoming one of the hottest buzzwords in recent memory. Some believe with a passion that all IT and data will ultimately reside in "the cloud." Others take a more nuanced view.
Column/Technology Watch - May 2011 Issue, Posted May 30, 2011
No discussion on content management product selection is complete before the topic of "suites" versus "best of breed" comes up. Almost everyone wants to know which route they should take. Unfortunately, it is seldom as simple as choosing one route over the other. It's one of those questions that unfortunately requires the far less satisfying response: "It depends ..."
Column/Technology Watch - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 23, 2011
In many end-user organizations, software maintenance fees make up the bulk of the yearly IT budget. This is hardly surprising when vendors typically like to calculate maintenance contracts on the basis of 20% of list pricing per annum, in perpetuity. So for example, on a $1 million software deal (list price), you will pay $200,000 per year in ongoing fees. Even if you negotiate the initial licensing costs down to $500,000, you will still pay $200,000 per year in maintenance fees. This adds up to a lot of money. And just as these fees often make up the bulk of most firms' yearly IT expenditure, so too do they make up the bulk of many software vendors revenues.
Column/Technology Watch - December 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 22, 2010
I once watched a television documentary about a terrible affliction called narcolepsy. In the program, people kept falling asleep, literally midsentence. During a support group meeting for sufferers, it was deemed necessary to have more than one person keep the meeting minutes ... just in case. And though my heart really did go out to those poor souls, I could not help but wonder what would happen if someone raised the topic of Records Management (RM).
Column/Technology Watch - Posted Nov 17, 2010
A few months ago, Autonomy announced its plans to acquire CA's (formerly Computer Associates) Information Governance assets. This was a surprising acquisition from two angles: first that CA saw so little value in this division that the company decided to dump it, and secondly that Autonomy, which has overlapping technologies, felt the need to buy still more overlapping technologies.
Column/Technology Watch - September 2010 Issue, Posted Aug 20, 2010
Managing a large amount of content can be difficult to do effectively; however, the only way it can be done is by zoning in on a particular goal or task. Measuring success in such projects is as much a matter of guesswork and perspective than of anything terribly scientific or rigorous.
Column/Technology Watch - April 2010 Issue, Posted Apr 21, 2010
By most people's measures and expectations, SharePoint in its 2010 guise will exceed all previous milestones and targets. As for me, I have my doubts.
Column/Technology Watch - January/February 2010 Issue, Posted Jan 27, 2010