Mary Laplante

Mary Laplante is VP of client services, programs and consulting, and senior analyst with Gilbane Group, Inc. (, an analyst and consulting firm that provides education, advice, and market expertise in content technologies and their application to high-value business solutions.

Articles by Mary Laplante

During interviews with a publisher client recently, one of the managers likened his organization's approach to digital product development as a goat rodeo, as in, "Our managers are crazy. After each one of them provides input to our project, it's a goat rodeo." The colorful reference is to a chaotic situation, typically in a corporate or bureaucratic setting, according to Wikipedia. A goat rodeo involves several people who have different agendas and perceptions of what's going on around them, and reconciling those views is difficult. Despite energy and effort, it's impossible to bring any sense of order to the situation.
News/News Feature - December 2011 Issue, Posted Dec 20, 2011
In Gilbane's 20-plus years of covering content technologies, we have consistently found that global companies succeed when they treat content management as a business practice-not as a technology, but as a formalized, institutionalized business practice tied to strategic business goals and objectives. Leading practitioners recognize the value of content as an enterprise asset, and they proactively manage their content as the asset it is. Their content management practices are designed to drive costs out of value creation while delivering scalability that's critical to the ability to capitalize on business opportunity.
Column/Guest Columns - December 2009 Issue, Posted Nov 24, 2009