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Graeme Thickins is an independent blogger and technology writer who reports often from technology conferences.

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If you follow the world of startup innovation, as I have for more than 25 years, you've likely read about how the venture capital industry is under pressure lately. The IPO market is stalled, capital flow has obviously slowed considerably, and we read almost every day how difficult it is for founders to raise early-stage capital to fund their dreams.
Column/Guest Columns - Posted Apr 07, 2009
Is it possible that a major conference with the sole purpose of launching technology startups could take place in our current economic environment? If it's DEMO, yes, the show had to go on, and the vibe was much more positive than most people would have expected. Held March 1-3 in Palm Desert, California, the semiannual event drew 450 attendees and 39 presenting companies. DEMO is known for launching some of the technology industry's biggest innovators and is now in its 19th year. Each event features a hand-selected crop of companies demonstrating their new products in six-minute live stage demonstrations to an audience of media, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs from around the globe.
News/News Feature - Posted Mar 06, 2009