Mick O'Leary

Mick O'Leary is a veteran contributor to the Information Today family of online industry magazines. He has written the "Database Review" for Information Today since 1987, the O'Leary Online column for ONLINE since 1995, and has contributed to EContent since 2000. He is the Director of the Library at Frederick Community College, in Frederick, MD.

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Articles by Mick O'Leary

The days when end-users grappled fruitlessly with arcane command searching at destination sites are gone and the era of frustrating, scattershot Internet searching may be nearing its end. Instead, the workplace has been redefined as a rich data universe, from which customized content streams directly to the individual knowledge worker’s desktop.
Editorial/Feature - April 2003 Issue, Posted Apr 23, 2003
No, these are not your father's corporate Web sites. They are doing a lot more than just presenting company information. They're courting customers, suppliers, and partners in B2B applications, and enticing consumers in B2C venues. They're using several kinds of third-party content—reference information, news, bulletin boards, educational information—to attract these different audiences. In short, they are doing all of the sorts of things that the dot coms are doing—or were doing before the bottom fell out for them.
Editorial/Feature - January 2002 Issue, Posted Jan 01, 2002