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Marydee Ojala edits ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals and writes its business research column ("The Dollar Sign"). Since 1987, Ojala has owned and operated her own research and writing company with offices in the U.S. and Denmark, specializing in international business, industry analysis, management processes, and competitive intelligence projects. She contributes feature articles and news stories to Information Today, Searcher, and Information Today's NewsBreaks.

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Articles by Marydee Ojala

Take a closer look at ProQuest, one of the 12 companies that inspired the most banter among the EContent 100 judges during the voting process.
Editorial/Feature - December 2008 Issue, Posted Dec 01, 2008
So who put the “e” in econtent? I’d like to meet this guy. When collections are digitized, why don’t we call it “econtent”? Instead, we talk about creating a “digital library.” The information industry has been busy making content digital for 30 years or so. Yet somehow the idea of turning print indexes into online databases or digitizing entire runs of scholarly journals so that they are full-text searchable just doesn’t capture the public’s attention. It’s only when we call it “econtent” that everyone gets all interested and excited.
Editorial/Feature - December 2006 Issue, Posted Nov 28, 2006
The open access (OA) landscape is littered with misconceptions and misunderstandings. In fact, the very definition of open access is frequently disputed. There are those who assume that anything free is open access and others who confuse it with kindred spirit open source, but understanding the definition is only to begin to grasp the issues OA raises. Marydee ojala
Editorial/Feature - June 2005 Issue, Posted Jun 14, 2005
This year, SLA heads to Toronto for its annual conference—and several Information Today, Inc. editors and writers will be there, ready to enjoy the city and blog the conference for the second year in a row.
News/News Item - Posted Jun 03, 2005
Until recently, the publishing models in science, technology, and medicine—the STM market—have been twofold. You published your research results either in a journal sponsored by a professional association or in one produced by a for-profit company. Enter the Public Library of Science (PLoS).
News/News Feature - October 2003 Issue, Posted Oct 10, 2003
Thanks to an innovative digitization project adopted by the British Library, appropriately called Turning the Pages (TTP), patrons are now able to digitally view collections of priceless rare books.
News/News Feature - August/September 2003 Issue, Posted Aug 19, 2003
Today, we find ourselves adrift in a sea of information. There's information all around us—on our hard drives, our organizations' databases, the Internet, printed documents, commercial publications, emails, subscription-based services—yet we're frustrated when trying to locate and use it.
Editorial/Feature - June 2002 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2002
The WhizBang! name choice may have verged on the accidental, but the product itself was no accident. The extraction technology that company founder Bob Sherwin considers so whizbang wonderful consists of a unique approach to scouring the Web for current, very specific forms of information.
Editorial/Feature - April 2002 Issue, Posted Apr 01, 2002
Editorial/Feature - October 2001 Issue, Posted Oct 01, 2001