Sylvia Lacock Marino

Sylvia Lacock Marino is an independent communities consultant based in Mill Valley, CA.

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Articles by Sylvia Lacock Marino

Kohler found itself with a document management system that would no longer be supported due to industry consolidation, but the company chose to view it as an opportunity to improve their systems and chose XyEnterprise’s content management solution.
Editorial/Feature - January 2003 Issue, Posted Jan 01, 2003
Most site owners would love the opportunity to know what goes on inside the heads of their site users. For better or worse, however, technology has not yet provided us with that level of access to the mindset of site visitors. Enter the world of online surveys, which purport to provide feedback from users on the sites' content and effectiveness.
Editorial/Feature - April 2002 Issue, Posted Apr 01, 2002
Content management is the strategic application of technology, content, and people resources to leverage business processes and create competitive advantage.
Editorial/Feature - November 2001 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2001
Editorial/Feature - October 2001 Issue, Posted Oct 01, 2001