Robert McGarvey

Robert McGarvey, author of How to Dot Com, is a Tuscon-based freelance writer.

Articles by Robert McGarvey

Napster has been clobbered by the courts, and its cousins are finding it equally tough to continue on as legal assaults mounted by the record industry have exacted a bloody body count. But here's the chewy paradox: P2P definitely is not dead, and, apparently, neither is irony. P2P, in the form of more robust applications aside from simply file trading, is poised to become a vital technology in the enterprise.
Editorial/Feature - March 2002 Issue, Posted Mar 01, 2002
On broadcast TV, NBC has hit a home run with "The Weakest Link"—a top-rated quiz show differentiated from most in the genre by a brutal pace and an acerbic host. Capturing the cut-throat flavor of the TV show in its online edition is just the start of Spiderdance's challenges. It also has to capture lots of eyeballs and, most importantly of all, it needs to prove that there are dollars in these cyber counterparts to hit TV shows.
Editorial/Feature - January 2002 Issue, Posted Jan 01, 2002
Editorial/Feature - August 2001 Issue, Posted Aug 01, 2001
Face this reality: many factors are conspiring to create growing enthusiasm for calling a close to the “all free, all the time” Internet era, which translates into a universe where pay per view makes sense. And it's a foregone conclusion that customers will pay for valuable content. Micropayment technology may finally get its day in the sun.
Editorial/Feature - July 2001 Issue, Posted Jul 01, 2001