Jenny Ambrozek

Jenny Ambrozek is Founder of SageNet LLC, and a participation architect helping businesses create value by connecting people and intelligences in and across organizations. She is author of the The Edutel Book: A Guide to Videotex in Education 1985, co-founder of the 21st Century Organization blog, contributor to TheAppGap blog and publications including Inside Knowledge and forthcoming The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook. Jenny serves as Participative Media Associate for the University of Warwick Knowledge Innovation Network and co-convened the Facebook Groups in Business Investigation 2008.

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Articles by Jenny Ambrozek

The brain may hunger for content, but employees and internet users—despite more information available than ever before—are malnourished, starving for the right informational diet, and many are looking to Web-enabled initiatives like portals for sustenance.
Editorial/Feature - March 2004 Issue, Posted Mar 15, 2004
The question for Web sites is no longer, "to charge or not to charge," but rather "how much can I charge for what?" Many sites that have found success charging for interactive content are doing so, in part, by leveraging the value of online community. Their success stories can be yours.
Editorial/Feature - September 2002 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2002