Bill Trippe

Bill Trippe is president of New Millennium Publishing, a Boston-based consulting practice. Bill is associate editor of The Gilbane Report the XML columnist for Transform and recently co-authored Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology (Hungry Minds).

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Articles by Bill Trippe

Attitudes about chatbots play out in how digital strategists and implementation firms look at chatbots in the user experience mix.
News/News Feature - Summer 2018 Issue, Posted Aug 15, 2018
This spring, some research had me making a series of calls to a range of people in the book publishing business, including authors, agents, publishers, and consultants. The topic-in broad terms-was about the shift to digital. How did these publishing leaders see the shift occurring today? How was it going so far, and-more importantly-what might the publishing landscape look like in 3 or 5 years?
News/News Feature - December 2011 Issue, Posted Dec 05, 2011
The New Yorker was interested in providing a complete archive of its magazine to its readers, and was intent on also providing a disc-based product. Through a truly collaborative process with Bondi Digital Publishing and Lizard Tech, The New Yorker produced a beautifully packaged eight-DVD collection that includes a search database, abstracts, issue-by-issue tables of contents, and the cover art for each issue.
Editorial/Case Studies - March 2006 Issue, Posted Mar 03, 2006
When it comes to a specific question, such as, “How does XML support taxonomy development and usage?” the answers that come forth can be far-flung, disparate, and confusing. The waters get muddied further if you tune into all the announcements from the vendors, industry groups, and analysts who have opinions about such matters.
Editorial/Feature - November 2003 Issue, Posted Nov 03, 2003
For all its potential good use, the same data has great potential for misuse—either inadvertent or intentional. A new breed of “Hippocratic Databases” is emerging as one way to empower and protect databased content.
Editorial/Feature - March 2003 Issue, Posted Apr 08, 2003
Now that XML has moved beyond being the latest cool thing, and is in fact being widely adopted and deployed, some practical questions are being asked about it. But these questions are only starting to be answered. Perhaps the biggest question about XML is, "Now that I've got it, where am I supposed to keep it?" Some of the big database players think they've got the answer.
Editorial/Feature - September 2002 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2002
While United Press International (UPI) and others news services have mechanisms for adding keywords and categorizing their content, UPI recognized a need to add more automation to the process. With the recent growth and improvement in tools for Computer-Aided Indexing (CAI), UPI undertook a process of looking at their needs and evaluating the many CAI tools out there. In the end, they chose technology from Montreal-based NStein Technologies.
Editorial/Feature - March 2002 Issue, Posted Mar 01, 2002
If you have recently begun looking at the issue of managing digital assets, you will encounter a blizzard of terminology and acronyms on data storage, networking, analog-to-digital capture and encoding, metadata, indexing, and distribution.
Editorial/Feature - October 2001 Issue, Posted Oct 01, 2001