Heather Hedden

Heather Hedden is a taxonomist at Viziant Corp., a teacher of continuing education workshops at Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, and founder and manger of the Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG of the American Society of Indexers.

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Articles by Heather Hedden

Findability is about making information easier to find. After all, if it cannot be found, it may as well not exist. In addition to traditional controlled vocabulary-based indexing, information architecture has evolved to make browsing and navigation methods more effective. "Semantic tagging," in the various ways that it is understood, is a term that describes many of these new (and some not-so-new) findability approaches.
Editorial/Feature - October 2008 Issue, Posted Sep 22, 2008
Information tools such as taxonomies, social networking, blogging, and multimedia content are as important as methods of research and collaboration in the academic world as they are in government and the enterprise. The Society for Scholarly Publishing's (SSP) annual conference on May 28-30 at the Copley Westin hotel in Boston explored these common themes from a scholarly perspective.
News/News Feature - Posted Jun 06, 2008
Taxonomy tools are used by individuals who call themselves taxonomists or who otherwise are familiar with best practices for creating taxonomies, including librarians, controlled vocabulary editors, lexicographers, and some information architects. The products covered in this evaluation all meet the basic requirements and share several additional features. These include designating candidate and approved terms, indicating term creation date and modification date, permitting multiple hierarchies (polyhierarchies), and disallowing illegal term relationships. They all run only on Windows and include online Help. They are available as affordable single-user desktop tools in addition to having multi-user versions and can export taxonomies in platform-neutral formats for use in other systems.
Editorial/Feature - April 2008 Issue, Posted Mar 30, 2008