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Above all, search is about finding information, be it about a product or a bit of data essential for closing a deal. Thus, content providers leverage dynamic navigation to better lead customers to what they are looking for.
Editorial/Feature - June 2008 Issue, Posted May 30, 2008
On March 17, MadCap announced the launch of its XML Documentation Suite to provide a native XML alternative to Adobe. The product offers authoring, review, collaboration, analysis, translation, and localization tools, including an authoring tool that supports DITA.
News/News Feature - May 2008 Issue, Posted Apr 24, 2008
A closer look at iCopyright, which boasts an 80% market share of major publishers and newswire services in the United States.
Editorial/Feature - December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
A closer look at Liferay, which started as a website project for founder Brian Chan's church and has turned into a leading open source enterprise portal framework for integrated web publishing and content management.
Editorial/Feature - December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
The Fair Use Doctrine, as outlined in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, attempts to strike a balance between copyright holders and those who seek to use copyrighted materials for noncommercial uses, parodies, or transformative works.
News/News Feature - November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 08, 2007