Sandy Serva

Sandy Serva is a freelance writer and editor who lives in the wine country of Northern California withher husband, three children, and two fish.

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Articles by Sandy Serva

In the world of politics, voters are taking advantage of the Web to track the progress of their favorite candidates, monitor what the other side is up to, and support causes they believe in.
News/News Feature - October 2004 Issue, Posted Oct 08, 2004
In March 2004, representatives from 48 leading non-profit medical and scientific societies and publishers announced their commitment to providing free access and distribution of published research findings.
News/News Feature - June 2004 Issue, Posted Jun 11, 2004
For those who have experienced the efficiency of P2P technologies leveraged for legitimate business use, its place in the digital content lifecycle is welcomed. With its reputation on the mend, P2P faces new hurdles and new promise for developers and would-be users alike.
Editorial/Feature - June 2004 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2004
In the world of content management, the road to bliss can only be found when content flows efficiently, with nothing hindering it on its path to usefulness. While content management can function to keep businesses healthy and profitable, unstructured information has the potential to weigh companies down in content chaos.
Editorial/Feature - April 2004 Issue, Posted Apr 23, 2004
It’s easy to understand that when multiple users try to create, share, analyze, and store data, problems can surely escalate. Hence the evolution of content analysis tools, designed to meet the challenges of handling and understanding the use of information found not only on public Web sites, but also company intranets, extranets, and portals.
Editorial/Feature - January/February 2004 Issue, Posted Feb 09, 2004
In an era when cyberterrorism is more than just a nuisance, the need to provide effective means to thwart such attacks is critical for today's leading businesses and universities, as well as the general public.
News/News Feature - October 2003 Issue, Posted Oct 06, 2003
As the Internet continues to evolve, consumers are getting used to the fact that the Web no longer provides a free ride and are beginning to pay for a wide range of online content. To capitalize on this trend, AT&T partnered with Accenture to launch its PrePaid Web Cents Service.
News/News Feature - June 2003 Issue, Posted Jun 09, 2003
Building upon its leadership position as a pay-for-performance search engine, Overture will acquire both the Web search unit of Norway's FAST Search & Transfer, a developer of search and real-time filtering technologies, and AltaVista, a pioneer in Web search technology and the oldest crawler-based search engine.
News/News Feature - May 2003 Issue, Posted May 08, 2003
As the Web continues to evolve as a powerful way to deliver content, scientists and mathematicians find it quite challenging to effectively present their research online. Not having a standard comprehensive font even for print, academics have learned to beg and borrow from a variety of fonts to get the appropriate Greek and mathematical symbols they need when writing dissertations.
News/News Feature - March 2003 Issue, Posted Apr 08, 2003