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Ashley Jones is a former assistant for EContent. She now lives in Pittsburgh and works as an investigative writer.

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Articles by Ashley Jones

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) has teamed up with the newly formed Open Book Alliance in calling for a justice department investigation into the settlement of the Google Books lawsuit.
News/News Item - Posted Aug 28, 2009
On December 16th, Xeround announced its latest version of its patented Intelligent Data Grid (IDG) Suite, and with the announcement, a host of new enhancements designed to further capitalize on the common need for more fluid data management and greater organization. Since its inception, Xeround has worked to unify data spread out across many networks, and thus increase a business' efficiency. Its goal is to provide database virtualization software to companies such as service providers looking to reduce costs and enable faster time-to-market of new products and services. Xeround has done so most notably with its patented Intelligent Data Grid (IDG) Suite, a database virtualization solution used by partners like IBM and T-Mobile. In other words, the IDG Suite delivers in-network data management without the need for customers to restructure the network, first.
News/News Feature - Posted Dec 16, 2008
Take a closer look at Pressmart Media, Ltd., one of the 12 companies that inspired the most banter among the EContent 100 judges during the voting process.
Editorial/Feature - December 2008 Issue, Posted Dec 01, 2008
Those who work in content management systems (CMSs) know that the content creation process can often be time-consuming and unwieldy. Ideally, the best content management system should enable the user to post content to the web seamlessly, without having to click back and forth between different programs. After all, it's difficult—or, at the very least, annoying—to be in two or three places at once. However, as wonderful as this utopian ideal may sound, it is very rarely the case. Web content creators are usually required to collaborate with one another in a wiki, edit images for the web in Photoshop or a similar program, and then upload everything into the CMS. Functionality is lost in the quest for a visually compelling website with top-notch content.
News/News Feature - October 2008 Issue, Posted Sep 29, 2008
There may be an ocean between them, but the U.S. and the U.K. are on the same wavelength when it comes to Enterprise 2.0 tools. These tools are increasingly in demand on both sides of the Atlantic. Recently, Trampoline Sytems—a London-based provider of social networking software—released research echoing these sentiments; of 111 businesses surveyed in the U.K. and U.S., 84% said that social networking would help with sharing knowledge and expertise across the organization.
News/News Feature - Sept 2008 Issue, Posted Aug 28, 2008
Each day, in boardrooms across the world, professionals gather with one common goal in mind: to improve upon their corporation's best practices and the productivity of its workers. And yet, in some ways, the very act of these daily meetings goes against precisely what companies strive to achieve.
News/News Feature - Posted Jul 08, 2008
Upon noticing the high rates of international traffic on its social networking site, the hi5 team decided to offer a plethora of international languages. The company started off by adding German, French, and Spanish, but it soon grew dissatisfied with its translation vendor. In September 2007, hi5 turned to Lionbridge for help.
Editorial/Case Studies - July/August 2008 Issue, Posted Jul 07, 2008
The release of the Scopus Journal Analyzer will provide a way for librarians and researchers to not only refer to Scopus's offering of publications but also to make evaluating the quality and popularity of those publications easier, thus making the research process more effective and efficient.
News/News Feature - June 2008 Issue, Posted Jun 03, 2008
On March 26, introduced its Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial—a Web 2.0 way to make history new again by providing an online space for reflection and sharing.
News/News Feature - May 2008 Issue, Posted Apr 21, 2008
On Tuesday, Automotive News and News Technologies, LLC partnered to launch the TriggerWidget, a webpage-hosted widget designed to help users personalize the content that they receive.
News/News Feature - Posted Apr 18, 2008
Last week, the Follett Corporation, a company that provides products and services to the educational marketplace, subscribed to Johnson's digital approach to learning by acquiring technology firm Fourteen40—thus expanding its digital content platform with the addition of CafeScribe.
News/News Feature - Posted Apr 04, 2008, a fairly new website that is built primarily upon user-generated content, and the venerable have bridged the divide with their recently announced partnership.
News/News Feature - April 2008 Issue, Posted Mar 19, 2008, a property of Accoona Corp., is a free service that aims to help users search for opinions, information, and conversations that match their particular interest—however obscure that particular interest may be.
News/News Feature - Posted Mar 03, 2008
Humans, by nature, are social beings. Teenagers, by nature, are social machines. The advent of online social networking giants Facebook and MySpace—among others—has reshaped the face of a mainstay within teenage culture: socializing. A new study released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, "Teens and Social Media," shows that teens today are more connected than ever, and with the help of the web, they will become even more intertwined.
News/News Feature - March 2008 Issue, Posted Feb 22, 2008
Sitecore, founded in 2001, is a San Rafael, Calif.-based company that provides web content management and portal software for organizations. This month, the company will add Foundry to its product offerings in order to address the needs of decentralized organizations.
News/News Feature - January/February 2008 Issue, Posted Feb 05, 2008
The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has entered talks with universities in order to uphold copyright laws for course content in digital formats.
News/News Feature - Posted Jan 29, 2008
MWW Group turned to Socialtext to better manage projects, track news in real time, gather information updates, and ease communications for its own disparate workforce, as well with as clients around the world.
Editorial/Case Studies - January/February 2008 Issue, Posted Jan 24, 2008
The EContent team suggests some sites, projects, and resources that--while outside the scope of the EContent 100 list--are well worth a closer look.
Editorial/Feature - December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 16, 2007
A recent partnership launched between Near-Time, Inc. and Wiley Wrox Press has opened the door to interaction among P2P digital publishing communities.
News/News Feature - Posted Nov 13, 2007
YouTube has found itself facing a whole new slew of legal issues beyond copyright, which may force the site to take control over its content.
News/News Feature - November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 06, 2007
Launched on Oct. 30, Eluma 2.0 is a new personal web organization tool designed to aid personal productivity.
News/News Feature - November 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 30, 2007
The Wikimedia Foundation, founded in 2003, has created several past programs aimed at tackling the language barrier so that learning can thrive in the developing world.
News/News Feature - Posted Oct 26, 2007
While the internet and its contents are more accessible now than ever before, search tools remain somewhat archaic by comparison. One company tackling the problem, Collarity, Inc. was founded in 2005 by CEO Levy Cohen as a response to typical search frustrations.
News/News Feature - October 2007 Issue, Posted Sep 28, 2007