Molly W. Joss

Joss is a computer industry analyst, writer, and speaker.

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Articles by Molly W. Joss

Disagreement in understanding can make a big difference in the end result of an IT project. In a discussion involving data, the terms content management, digital asset management, enterprise content management, and even enterprise resources management may be bandied about almost interchangeably. In business, things can get tricky surprisingly fast if the meaning of certain terms isn’t clear to everyone.
Editorial/Feature - July/August 2004 Issue, Posted Aug 19, 2004
In these days of random hacking and other senseless acts of computer violence, how do you give the people the information they need to do their jobs wherever they are doing them, without saddling them with long delays or sacrificing computer security?
Editorial/Feature - June 2004 Issue, Posted Jun 09, 2004